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Analisa Jernigan

Go beyond simply surviving. Get the tools you need to rise and thrive. Together we will use the Enneagram as a guide to wake you to your unique personality, rise to meet the moment, and thrive wherever the adventure takes you.It's the dawn of a new day!


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 6

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Life as a military family is not easy. After over 20 years as a military spouse, I have walked the crazy, treacherous road of military life. I have discovered I don’t have to live life in survival mode, and neither do you.

Six years ago, I was stuck. I was drowning in preteen drama and trying to settle in after our seventh move to a duty station we had not wanted to go. I found myself sliding into survival mode. You know, the one that says, “you will only be here a few years. Just ride it out.” I thought it would be easier to just sit back and let life happen around me. It was anything but easy. I found myself lonely, frustrated, and feeling misunderstood. The tasks of everyday life felt daunting and the conflicts with my spouse and preteens mounting. It was in this place I was introduced to the Enneagram. With the Enneagram as a guide I began to wake to my unique personality, began to rise to meet the moment, and started to thrive in this military adventure.

It was through my own work and sharing the Enneagram with other military spouses that I began to see the need to walk alongside others as they moved from simply surviving to thriving. I received my Enneagram Coaching Certification and now with others in group and individual settings to wake, rise, and thrive,


Certified Enneagram Coach


30-Minute Consultation
Our endorsed YEC certified coach will inform YEC's three-step coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs.
WAKE to who you are
The Wake Session is a 90 minute coaching session with the purpose of guiding you to discover your personal enneagram type. Through discovering your type we will have a shared language to give meaning to the way in which you see the world around you. Commit to the beginning of your journey by completing out two assessments. These assessments will give us a starting place to begin our journey to identifying your specific type. Through out or session together will be collaborate and explore the primary characteristics of each type as you narrow it down to your dominate type. After discovering your type you can continue on your journey with the RISE Sessions.
RISE to meet the moment
Ready to rise to meet the moment?Once you discover your enneagram type we will embark on a five session journey to dive in to explore the attributes of your type, dig deep to gain insight into the way your type leads you to interact with others and in the world, and then using the insights gained to start drive on to thriving wherever life takes you.
THIRIVE wherever you are(Contact for Price)
Now that we have collaboratively discovered your enneagram type and taken a deep dive to discover the attributes, it is time put into action the insights you have gained. We will uncover the ways your type influences your thoughts and actions, utilize the tools to recognize patterns and reactions, and unite with those around you in a space that allows for growth, empathy, and understanding.
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