Kansas City, MO - US

Amy Wicks

Endorsed Coach

Coaching and empowering female entrepreneurs to get free from the overwhelm, anxiety, shame, and frustration so they can thrive in their faith, family, and finances.


Career, Endorsed M&F Coach, Executive Training, Free Consultation, Leadership Development, Marriage, Ministry, Non-Profit, Parenting, Team Building, Women, and Youth

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 7

More about Amy Wicks

Amy Wicks is a faith-based Enneagram Coach, speaker, and writer who lives in Kansas City with her tree-climbing arborist-husband and three kids who can be found on the limbs of a tree, themselves. She is the voice of the weekly Simply Wholehearted Podcast and is the author of, Should Christians Use the Enneagram: What It Is, What It’s Not, and What It Can Do For You (2021). She loves giving her time to helping her clients walk in freedom and have vibrant relationships within their community!


Faith-based Certified Enneagram Coach

Marriage and Family Endorsed Enneagram Coach


15-Minute Consultation
As an endorsed YEC certified coach will inform you of my customized coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs. Let's chat to determine your next right step!
Discovering You Sessions
Uncertain of your dominant personality Type? I'm here to help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type.
Living Wholehearted in Faith, Family, and Finances 1:1 Coaching package
There are six sessions in this series each with a customize guide sheet that I will guide you through so you can go from surviving to thriving in your faith, family, and finances. (payment plans available)
Becoming Us Marriage Coaching
Ten sessions to accompany your Becoming Us Course program. These will be customized sessions for your couple Type combination focusing on communication, understanding each other, conflict resolution, and so much more! Your specific Becoming Us curriculm is included with purchase, payment plans available.
Clarity and Abundance Coaching Mastermind
Opens once a year for female entrepenuers who want to take their faith, relationships and business to the next level. Six month commitment and payment plans available.

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“I was feeling hollow, ineffective, and like I wasn’t doing/being enough. I had no framework for those thoughts/emotions and thought I was alone in that place. I have never worked with a coach/counselor/therapist before, but found it easier to talk through my past and struggles than I expected. You helped me realize the root of those thoughts/emotions and pointed me toward living as adopted in Christ!” Elizabeth Type 3

“Amy is so skilled and truly gifted by our Father in truly listening, and then counseling with so much insight and the ability to communicate those insights. Thank you!” Samantha Type 6

“I so enjoyed participating in the Wholehearted Rhythms Community. Amy’s insights on how my Enneagram type affects my daily life as a mom have been so helpful! I feel like a whole new world has opened to me in regards to how I can interact in a healthy way with my husband and my kids.” Heidi Type 1

I liked that I not only learned about my dominant number, I also learn how the triad, wings, and stance affects me. Now I better understand how to be aware of my healthy and unhealthy patterns. It help me better understand what to look for and ways to grow more towards joy in motherhood. Angel Type 4

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