I am a Type 8 whose self identity was revolutionized when I discovered the Enneagram. It seemed my world was always telling me that I was too much. So I was constantly struggling to repress, tone down, or temper “me”. It was through the Enneagram that I discovered my “too much” was actually my created strengths, that when brought into alignment with the Holy Spirit allowed me to easily do things that others would have run from. Not only did I do these things, but instead of sapping my strength, they invigorated and excited me. The Enneagram has given me a new zest for life and anticipation for opportunities that lie ahead.
That is why I am passionate about helping others unlock the truth of who they were created to be, to discover their authentic self and live out the fulfilling life that is meant for them.

Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person
Individual, Group, Corporate
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YEC Certified Enneagram Coach
Lead Team of Streams of Freedom (an inner healing ministry)