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Amanda White

I utilize the Enneagram to transform a client's thought, behavior & communication patterns to be more like Christ, which fosters healthier, more harmonious relationships with their family members, that are grounded in love, grace, and spiritual growth.


Business, Career, College, Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Marriage, Men, Mental Health Professionals, Ministry, Non-Profit, Parenting, Pastoral Leadership, Team Building, Wellness, Women, and Youth

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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 9

More about Amanda White

I am so excited to bring the wisdom of the Enneagram to those who are looking to transform their inner world and gain understanding and grace for themselves and others, especially their teen/adult children. As a former teacher of students with severe behavioral and emotional disorders and a job coach, I have always had a passion for helping others with thought, behavior and life changes. Now I have the opportunity show how the Enneagram can point us to Christ and how he is the cure for our deepest needs and hurts.

Besides being a former teacher, I am a mom, wife, coach, realtor, Bible study leader and avid reader (if audiobooks count)! After staying home with my children for many years, I forgot what I was passionate about as I focused on my family’s needs. However, the Lord reminded me of my passion for helping and encouraging others and I began consuming books and podcasts about psychology, trauma, behavior change and coaching, which led me to YEC! I was scared and doubtful about beginning this career, but as I went through the certification program, I was transformed by learning that I had been living like an unhealthy type 9, but 9s at their best are awake to their passions and pursue them because God gave us skills and passions that He wants us to utilize to help others. I learned that I can lean in to the strengths of a 3, as that is my growth path, to be confident, share my knowledge and go after my goals.

With my background in working with teens and young adults, I specialize in fostering healthy relationships between moms and their older children. By seeing ourselves with clarity, we can become more like Christ and start to understand others better and see them with grace. I’m grateful the Lord showed me this path and I want you to find your path, too! I’m excited to hear your story and walk with you in your self-discovery that will transform your relationships and, best of all, point you to Jesus.

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Please see my offerings below. Most sessions are available on Zoom or in person if you are local :)


Certified Enneagram Coach

Master’s in Special Education: Teaching Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Transition Specialist (Job Coach)

Enneagram Internal Profile Certified

Trauma Informed


20-Minute Free Consultation
In this no pressure free consultation I will describe YEC's three-step coaching process and find out your pain points and desired outcomes for coaching.
Discovering You Sessions
In a 50 minute session, I will help guide you in discovering or confirming your main Enneagram type.
Teen/Young Adult Discovering You Session (in Conjunction with Parent Sessions)
In a 50 minute session, I will help guide your teen in learning about the different Enneagram types and Core Motivations, potentially discovering a type for older teens. It's important to approach Enneagram typing for young adolescents with caution, as their personalities are still developing, and they may not have fully formed into a specific type.
Exploring You Sessions
There are five 50 min sessions in this series each with a customized Guide Sheet that I will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed.
Becoming Your Truest Self
After completing the Discovering and Exploring You sessions, I will help you apply all you learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual) in five 50 minute sessions.
Discovering You and Exploring You Package
Six 50 min sessions
Couples Exploring You Sessions
Five 90 min sessions in this series each with a customized Guide Sheet for each partner that I will guide you both through so you can learn about your partner's motivations and communication styles.
Complete 11 Session Package
A bundle all of Discovering You, Exploring You and Becoming You

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Amanda White was kind, patient, thorough, informative, reliable, professional, and trustworthy. I feel like she went the extra mile for me! – Alice, Type 2

Amanda’s friendly and understanding demeanor made her such a joy to work with! Amanda went above and beyond to thoroughly review and explain my results and guided the process of narrowing down my specific type. Her knowledge of the complex intricacies of the Enneagram helped me to begin to understand how to adjust and maximize behaviors inherent to my type for future success. Liz R.,Type 9

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