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I am so excited to bring the wisdom of the Enneagram to those who are looking to transform their inner world and gain understanding and grace for themselves and others, especially their teen/adult children.

My background as a teacher for students with significant behavioral and emotional challenges, coupled with my role as a teen job coach, has ingrained in me a deep-seated passion for fostering positive change in thought patterns, behaviors, and life trajectories. Now, I am honored to reveal how the Enneagram can guide us towards Christ—the answer to our most profound yearnings and pain—while accelerating our growth, understanding, and compassion within our relationships.

Besides being a former teacher, I wear many hats – mom, wife, coach, realtor, Bible study leader, and a voracious reader (yes, audiobooks totally count)! After focusing on my family for years, God reignited my passion for helping and encouraging others. Devouring books and podcasts on psychology, trauma, behavior change, and life coaching brought me to Enneagram coaching and the transformative YEC certification program! I admit, starting this journey was scary, but as I delved into the certification program, I had a major revelation. I realized I’d been living like an unhealthy type 9,–not being awake to my passions. While my first passion will always be nurturing my kids, but there is more that I could be pursuing besides being a taxi driver for them! 🙂  At our best, 9s are passionate go-getters. I realized God gave me unique skills and passions to help others that I had not been taking advantage of. Now, embracing my growth path as a 3, I’m all about confidence, sharing knowledge, and chasing my dreams.

Having spent years working closely with teens and young adults, I’ve honed in on what it takes to nurture strong bonds between moms and their older kids. It’s all about gaining clarity about ourselves, which ultimately helps us mirror Christ’s love and empathy towards others. I truly feel blessed that the Lord led me down this path, and I’m eager to help you on your journey of growth, too! Let’s dive into your story together, embarking on a journey of self-discovery that’ll not only transform your relationships but also draw you closer to Jesus.

I specialize in offering tailored coaching sessions for moms individually, comprehensive family coaching, and group coaching for parents and youths within various community settings, including churches and educational institutions. Let’s begin this journey side by side, unraveling the threads of your unique story to weave a tapestry of personal and relational fulfillment.

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I entered into the journey to find my enneagram number with hesitancy and fear of the unknown, but also curiosity and willingness to listen. Amanda welcomed me with open arms and made me feel comfortable as she introduced the wealth of enneagram concepts. She was kind and professional and her understanding put me at ease. Her insights into the enneagram world were impressive and made a positive impact on me. Several times I was drawn to tears in moments of revelation and new self awareness. She helped remind me that through all of our strengths and weaknesses, we are deeply and fully loved beyond measure. Being more aware of our individual tendencies can serve as such a good tool in order to learn how to embrace our entire selves, warts and all, by showing us where we can change and how we can better navigate with patience personal traits that are intertwined with our very personalities.

I appreciate Amanda’s knowledge and experience working with the enneagram learning tools. I’m grateful to have been a part of her consultation. Her insight into my life was so very helpful and I left feeling encouraged and enlightened.

~J. Rollins


My time with Amanda was very enlightening.  Her space is very warm and welcoming.  She went into detail with me and asked the best questions in order for me to dig deep.  She is an amazing listener and gives honest feedback as we work through any situation I have.  Julie

Amanda’s approach made me unashamed of the way I think, relate and show up in the world. I gained more clarity and understanding of how God made me. She was a great listener, very engaged in the whole process, and gave great feedback and insight. An “aha” moment was learning that a healthy 6 is not one who is worry free but one who goes to the Lord often, repenting when seeing how they are not trusting Him, casting all of their cares on him, remembering Him and His promises, and then uses the gifts that a 6 brings to the world. The enneagram has been helpful in realizing that everyone doesn’t come at the world/operate from the same perspective as I do, so I am able to have more understanding of the people in my life. There is just more peace in my relationships as I understand how they are wired and I can give grace and really appreciate them more fully. Deb

Amanda’s friendly and understanding demeanor made her such a joy to work with! Amanda went above and beyond to thoroughly review and explain my results and guided the process of narrowing down my specific type. Her knowledge of the complex intricacies of the Enneagram helped me to begin to understand how to adjust and maximize behaviors inherent to my type for future success.
Liz R.,Type 9



Certified Enneagram Coach
Masters in Special Education
Transition Specialist (Job Coach)
EIP Certified