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Amanda Slatin

Empowering you to break free from painful patterns and pursue more peace, passion and purpose for your life!


Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Marriage, Ministry, Team Building, and Women

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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

More about Amanda Slatin

As a Certified Enneagram Coach with YEC (Your Enneagram Coach), I am passionate about coming alongside others to offer transformation in your relationships and life. Do any of these questions resonate with you:

Are you feeling stuck?

Experiencing a challenging relationship?

What stress keeps you up at night?

Ready to break free from anxiety, fear and shame?

Are you ready to experience some break throughs?

I invite you to join me in a journey to discover a unique road map for better understanding yourself and others with compassion and clarity, offering paths for deep growth and healing. As I experienced breakthroughs in my own relationships and personal growth by exploring the Enneagram, I am excited to announce YEC’s 3 step coaching model with customized guide sheets for your Enneagram type to lead you through the process. Explore your unique strengths and gifts, and avoid painful patterns that could be standing in your way. With a guide, you can unlock negative patterns holding you back. The Enneagram is a gift to help us become the healthiest, best versions of ourselves. A coach comes alongside to help you focus and take practical steps with a tool set that empowers you to tap into unrealized potential. Relationships can be strengthened. My background includes working with women, both individually and in small groups, along with couples and families. I have a special passion to help blended families, as I have experienced the challenges and blessings of step families first hand.

* For more info & special discounts visit : belletoicoaching.com
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“Dream big. Start small. But most of all start.”
Simon Sinek


Certified Enneagram Coach with YEC (Your Enneagram Coach), Endorsed EIP Coach (Enneagram Internal Profile), Masters Degree in Education with an emphasis in Trauma and Resilience, Teacher: 1st-12th grade (Reading, Writing, Math, Dance and Drama), B.A. in Education, Marriage Small Group Facilitator for Re-Engage Ministry, Marriage Facilitator for Family Life’s Smart Stepfamily Ministry, Women’s Small Group Facilitator for Connections Women’s Ministry, Youth Group Leader for The Navigators, SEL Curriculum Development for Trauma Sensitive Practices


*Complimentary Session to hear your story and goals! What has sparked your interest in exploring the Enneagram? What questions can I answer for you about this powerful self-discovery tool? Learn about the YEC Certified 3-Step Individualized Enneagram Coaching Process. Decide on best path forward towards reaching your goals and coaching options available to you with current discounts.
DISCOVER the Best of Me/ Typing Session (50 Minute Sessions)
This introductory session will lead you on a deep dive in determining your Enneagram Type. I will guide you through a customized exploration of your primary Enneagram type, helping you to make connections for potential growth paths. Together we will build a road-map by considering your goals and Enneagram insights, offering you practical action-steps for transformation with your unique journey towards your best self!
EXPLORE the Best of Me Package - 5 Sessions with Discount (50 Minute Sessions)
I will guide you step-by-step as we navigate customized guide sheets based on your specific Enneagram type. Explore the Best of Me sessions will unlock deep understanding of yourself, leading to astonishing results. You can expect to experience transformation at an accelerated pace. This five session series will explore: Core Motivations, Growth and Stress Paths, Wings, Interpersonal Coping Strategies and Communication Styles. As you uncover and understand each aspect of yourself, gain the power to finally break free from unhealthy patterns and lean into your strengths to become the healthiest version of yourself. *For special discounts visit my website: belletoicoaching.com
Enneagram Workshops- Overview & Relationships
The Enneagram can bring clarity to a person's internal world and provide a path for compassion and empathy to better understand one another. Your event can be tailored to fit your needs. Participants will explore the unique strengths and challenges of each Enneagram type, gaining insight into their own patterns of behavior. They will apply practical tools for personal growth, with a gospel infused lens. Enneagram Workshops will explore your core motivations, growth and stress paths, with relational and interpersonal coping strategies to improve communication. Teams will develop a road map for utilizing one another's gifts and strengths. Available for small groups, churches and businesses. Contact me directly for more information on Workshops/Enneagram Presentations: amanda@belletoicoaching.com
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*Belle Toi Summer Beach Women’s Enneagram Retreat
**Belle Toi Summer Beach Women’s Enneagram Retreat                          Summer Women's Enneagram Weekend Retreats at Delaware beaches! Enjoy small group Enneagram workshops and activities, along with special meals at resort restaurants and optional activities including: Beach fun, biking, kayaking, swimming, yoga, golfing and time to relax, unwind, and discover and dream as you discover the 'Beautiful You' inside (*'Belle Toi' is French for 'Beautiful You!') **Visit website for more info and discounts: belletoicoaching.com
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“Amanda’s tender heart and calming presence always makes it easy to sit with her and share from deeper places. She has the ability to make a person ‘feel seen’ – Lauren (Type 1)

“I learned so much about myself from Amanda’s coaching.  I knew very little about the enneagram but once she explained how it works and what my results were, so many dots were connected! My first coaching session was very revealing to me in terms of my core wants and fears and gave insight for practical growth opportunities. Her kind and caring approach, helpful explanations and ability to listen made the experience absolutely wonderful!”  – Heather (Type 9)

“Amanda is uniquely gifted to make others feel seen, valued and loved. God uses her kindness and humility to spread His wisdom and care to others.” -Kerri (Type 6)

“Amanda has a sweet and gentle way of drawing others into a space of safety and feeling heard. I appreciate her eagerness to learn and grow and how it inspires the same in me.”  -Michelle (Type 7)

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