Changing seasons of life happen to all of us, yet they will look different to each of us. They are often expected through marriages, raising children, and retirement; sometimes they are unexpected through the loss of someone loved, relationships coming to an end, or employment changes. There are also seasons when we desire a transition and seek to make it happen! Dramatic growth is both achievable and advantageous during these seasons as we explore the next stage of our journey. I am passionate about equipping you with a deeper understanding of yourself, your identity in Christ, and your available growth paths. Properly navigated, these paths can lead you through seasons of life with clarity and awareness while setting you up for success as you move forward.

Two personal experiences fueled a specific interest to work with people during early seasons of their life. The first was witnessing the enlightened awareness my daughter experienced as she learned about herself through the enneagram. This personal awareness was strengthened by her identity in Christ, developing confidence and compassion that have created a firm foundation on which she will build her life. The second experience was the “aha” moments my husband and I encountered as we discovered our enneagram types; through these moments we gained insights into what motivates us and how this impacts our marriage. Even though our marriage is strong, we agree that a deeper understanding of one another earlier would’ve brought about the richness of our relationship sooner. These personal experiences have fueled a desire to utilize the enneagram to guide people towards personal and relational growth early in their life journeys.

Are you entering a season of transition, or choosing to make one happen? Let’s connect through a free consultation to talk about your current season of life, where you are headed, and how you can maximize the potential for growth along your journey.

Insights you might find interesting…

  • I want my life story to exemplify the idea that we are only here once; we have one opportunity to explore the beauty of this earth and to say “YES” to adventures along the way.
  • My daughter introduced me to the enneagram with an invitation to know her better; I’ve been hooked ever since.
  • I discovered the enneagram during a season of transition including my husband’s retirement, our daughter beginning college, and wondering “what’s next?”
  • As an enneagram type 8 with a dominant 9 wing I understand the tension resulting from a desire for intensity paired with a desire for peace; as a female type 8 I have compassion for how this type can be interpreted by society.
  • I LOVE travel! Not only is it fun, travel is one of the most impactful teachers available. Through our travels my husband and I were introduced to a refugee ministry in Greece where we spend a few months out of the year working.
  • Exploring how our nervous system is activated and operates through the lens of the enneagram intrigues me.
  • I enjoy a dramatic saga like The Lord of the Rings, but am intentional about engaging with lighthearted entertainment like Ted Lasso to keep me laughing.
  • You can call me AJ if you’d like.

Feedback from clients…

Amanda is a polished, friendly, and engaging professional. She coordinated an Enneagram assessment for incoming graduate business students and the entire process was smooth with excellent communication and guidance. Following the assessment, Amanda presented to our students in an interactive workshop that received glowing feedback! Amanda’s professionalism and authentic passion for the Enneagram allows her to instantly connect with her audience. I highly recommend her and plan to have her back to work with students in the future.
Matthew Painter – Director of Operations & Strategic Initiatives
The University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business

Our team of four recently did a coaching session with Amanda where she led us through our enneagram types and how they interact with one another. She broke down our strengths and weaknesses as individuals, but more importantly, how we can best work with each other and understand one another better in conflict and communication. We were given invaluable resources to come back to time and time again. If you’re looking to better understand yourself and how to grow in your relationships, I can’t recommend Amanda enough. – Mark and Jess M. / Ryan and Kelsey P.

As someone who is not naturally an introspective person, Amanda made the process painless and productive. With her easy but meaningful step by step guide sheets, we were able to develop action plans each week that allowed me to see things in myself that I haven’t seen before and to make substantial changes in my life. Amanda has a “come alongside” style of coaching and has the ability to guide you to discovery by going at your own pace. Thank you Amanda! – Melanie P., Type 9

Amanda has been a great guide and coach as I navigate through a possible career change. She is very knowledgeable and educational regarding the enneagram and has helped me understand myself better. Being in my early 30’s and considering a career change, this  was my first experience with the enneagram and she interpreted many aspects of this model of the human psyche well and helped me understand tools moving forward. I am very grateful for this experience. – Emily W., Type 7

I reached out to Amanda because I was debating between a few types. I knew after my personal reading and research, that at this point I needed someone who could ask me the right questions and help me get down to the core of the types. Our 30-minute consultation allowed us to get to know each other a little bit and she laid out a potential plan of action. That conversation gave me hope that I could figure out my type with her guidance. We spent the next three sessions using information Amanda gave me and information I had gathered to work through any confusion, misconceptions, and revelations. She followed up after our sessions and suggested resources to aid the process. Amanda has been supportive, encouraging, patient, and non-judgmental. I have enjoyed the journey and appreciative of the service of her coaching! Now the next step is to explore more about my type and learn how to be a healthier version of myself! – Amanda N., type 8

I was introduced to the enneagram around 2018 and began a journey of reading, taking multiple tests, and guessing what my number was.  This all led me down a journey wanting to know myself better and what number I am. It all left me a bit confused and unsatisfied, it wasn’t until I had my enneagram coaching session with Amanda Dowell that I was able to fully understand not just a number but myself better. Her enneagram wisdom plus her coaching skills helped me feel comfortable and completely safe to walk through this journey with her and I am grateful for the time, support and attention she gave to me during our session. I understand myself, my number, and a deeper understanding how the gospel and the enneagram can help me see myself as more than just a number. -Brittney B., type 8

When I want to improve my jump shot I got a shooting coach, when I wanted to improve my leadership skills, I got a leadership coach, and when I wanted to improve my self-knowledge, I went to Amanda, my Enneagram coach. In addition to asking thought-provoking questions, she guided me through the Enneagram process to reveal the “Why?” behind my thoughts and actions. My increased self-knowledge has led to greater self-awareness which has improved my relationships at home and at work. – Paul P., type 1

I was encouraged by the typing session I had with Amanda. Her communication prior to our meeting was superb. I knew exactly what I needed to do to be prepared for the session. After taking assessment, there were two strong options for my type. I found great value in the way Amanda walked me through understanding the core motivations for each type. Her knowledge of the enneagram types is fascinating!! She gave me a couple of resources to further dive into each type… before encouraging me to decide which type is truly me. Now that we’ve pinpointed my type, I’m looking forward to working with Amanda to further my knowledge and understanding. – Tiffany P., type 9

As I think about the coaching sessions I had with Amanda, two feelings come to mind. With Amanda as my coach I felt seen and I felt heard. She took me through the typing process and allowed me and my story to take precedent. She listened well, asked great questions, and led me through a self-discovery process that helped reveal the “Why?” behind my motivations and actions. I am excited to continue this self-discovery journey thanks to my coach, Amanda.  – Wylie P., type 1

The enneagram has given me the vocabulary and understanding to engage more constructively in all my relationships. Knowing more about the people I am communicating with and understanding their motivations is helpful, but to understand my motivations and tendencies at the same time unlocks communication on a whole new level. It is crazy that after decades of marriage, my wife and I can understand each other better than ever before. This coaching has enabled us to avoid many of our old trigger points and have meaningful and healthy dialog that was not available to us until now. I am a huge fan and highly recommend these sessions and Coach AJ Dowell. – Alan D., type 3



YEC Certified Enneagram Coach
Interior Design - Auburn University