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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 8

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Seasons of transition come to us through many different situations. They are often expected through marriages, raising children, and retirement; sometimes they come to us unexpectedly through the loss of someone loved, relationships coming to an end, or employment changes. Then there are exciting times when we desire a transition and seek to make it happen! Dramatic growth is both achievable and advantageous during these seasons as we explore the next stage of our journeys. I am passionate about equipping you with a deeper understanding of yourself, your identity in Christ, and your available growth paths. Properly navigated, these paths can lead you through transitions with clarity and awareness while setting you up for success as you move forward.

Two personal experiences fueled a specific interest to work with people during early seasons of their life. The first was witnessing the enlightened awareness my daughter experienced as she learned about herself through the enneagram. This personal awareness was strengthened by her identity in Christ, developing confidence and compassion that have created a firm foundation on which she will build her life. The second experience was the “aha” moments my husband and I encountered as we discovered our enneagram types; through these moments we gained insights into what motivates us and how this impacts our marriage. Even though our marriage is strong, we agree that a deeper understanding of one another earlier would’ve brought about the richness of our relationship sooner. These personal experiences have resulted in a desire to utilize the enneagram to guide people towards personal and relational growth early in their life journeys.

Are you facing a season of transition, or choosing to make one happen? Let’s connect through a free consultation to talk about your current season of life, where you are headed, and how you can harness the potential for growth along your journey.

Insights you might find interesting…

• My daughter introduced me to the enneagram with an invitation to know her better; I’ve been hooked ever since.

• I discovered the enneagram during a season of transition including my husband’s retirement, our daughter beginning college, and wondering “what’s next?”

• As an enneagram type 8 with a 9 wing I understand the tension resulting from a desire for intensity paired with a desire for peace; as a female type 8 I have compassion for how this type can be interpreted by society.

• I LOVE travel! Not only is it fun, travel is one of the most impactful teachers available. Through our travels my husband and I were introduced to a refugee ministry in Greece that we work with part of the year.

• Though married for 28 years, I was raised in a family divided by divorce; these experiences have given me an appreciation for the differing family dynamics of both situations.

• Exploring how our nervous system is activated and operates through the lens of the enneagram intrigues me.

• I enjoy a dramatic saga like The Lord of the Rings, but am intentional about engaging with lighthearted entertainment like Ted Lasso to keep me laughing.

• You can call me AJ if you’d like.

• I choose to look at life as an adventurous journey.


Certified Enneagram Coach


30-Minute Consultation - FREE
Let’s connect to discuss what season of life you are in, where you are headed, and how we can work together to harness your potential for growth through the enneagram.
Season to Discover
Whether you are new to the enneagram or are already familiar with it, this session is helpful to discover why the enneagram is a powerful tool for self-awareness and growth. You’ll also begin to understand the “why” behind what you do as we look at the core motivations of each enneagram type to guide you in discovering your main type. This is a 90-minute session.
Season to Explore
After discovering your enneagram type we can explore your growth paths using customized guide sheets. You’ll gain greater understanding of yourself, how this understanding can be used for personal and relational growth, and how lasting transformation is possible when the enneagram is paired with the Gospel. This is a bundle of 5 one-hour sessions.
Next Season of Becoming You
Now what? As you worked through the Discover and Explore sessions you probably identified specific personal and relational growth goals. Now we can begin to implement the insights you have gained and accelerate your growth. Let’s talk about your growth goals and determine your next season of coaching with the enneagram.
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Season to Explore Together for Couples
The self-awareness and empathy for others discovered through exploring the enneagram can significantly enhance your relationship. This relational growth is beneficial whether you’ve been married for years or if you are considering marriage. Using customized guide sheets we’ll explore both of your main types, your struggles and strengths, and the relational dynamics created through the pairing of your two enneagram types. This is a bundle of five 90-minute sessions.
Learning together is fun and insightful! Workshops can meet many different goals - a ministry team interested in a deeper understanding of one another, a group of friends intrigued to learn more about “this enneagram thing”, or a leadership team desiring to explore their group dynamics to maximize skillsets. Workshops are customized so let’s talk about what works best for your group!
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The enneagram has given me the vocabulary and understanding to engage more constructively in all my relationships. Knowing more about the people I am communicating with and understanding their motivations is helpful, but to understand my motivations and tendencies at the same time unlocks communication on a whole new level. It is crazy that after decades of marriage, my wife and I can understand each other better than ever before. This coaching has enabled us to avoid many of our old trigger points and have meaningful and healthy dialog that was not available to us until now. I am a huge fan and highly recommend these sessions and Coach AJ Dowell. – Alan D., type 3

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