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Relationship Coaching

  • Length of Service
    1.5 hours

Service Description

(75 minute sessions) Relationships aren’t always easy. All relationships take work, a commitment to understanding yourself and each other on a deeper level, time, and investment. We often find ourselves in relationships with a partner who thinks, feels, and acts differently than us. We aren’t always given the tools to navigate the challenges we all experience at some point in our relationships. That’s where the Enneagram and my coaching with you comes in! In our time together, we explore how both of your types show up in conflict, their needs and desires, how each person feels connected, and much more. I also teach you tools of curiosity, compassion, communication, and how to connect with each other based on your types so that you can experience deeper intimacy and friendship. These sessions are great for instilling new life and confidence to connect and understand your partner and yourself on a deeper level and you’ll leave with tools to continue outside of our time together. Schedule and invest in this next step in your relationship no matter what place you’re in right now. I promise you, your relationship is worth it and so are you. Rate is per session.