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Helping you to align all of yourself to all of Him. Providing compassionate and clarifying support to deepen your identity in Christ by recognizing your missteps and stuck places while finding understanding, grace, and growth through the Cross.

Have you ever wondered why you do what you do or feel stuck in the same cycle over again? Some of this may seem small, and some may get messy and affect other areas of your life. You then wonder what to do about this; you may have prayed about it or are unsure how to connect with God relating to it. Or being critical of yourself to “make yourself better.” You may have thought should I go to counseling, but that doesn’t answer the questions about yourself, your identity, and the connection with the Lord you are longing for. It just has yet to line up!
For many years, I have noticed these things about myself that I have wondered about, though it was weird and I felt stuck. Why is it so hard to make a decision sometimes, or why do I get torn up inside when someone is upset at me? Why do I get frazzled when plans change or so hurt when my husband doesn’t follow through on what I asked?
As a counselor with 15 years of expereince, I even asked myself how I would counsel myself through this or if I needed healing ???
Counseling didn’t answer the longing to understand the “why” of my heart the frustration of my actions and how to know God in it.
So I prayed and prayed about these things, and then I found the Ennagram & YEC.
It was like things started to make sense about myself. All these scattered parts of myself came together, and God showed me His path. I felt the nearness and compassion of God in the design He made me so I could be more compassionate to myself in my struggles, now understanding more of my “why.”

Do you, too, desire to understand yourself and God better? Do you need help through it?
Well, now it is your time to bring yourself to all of who God is, and I can help.
As a coach, I’ll come alongside you, guide you through, and cheer you on while using my skills as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to ask you really good questions with a ton of compassion.
Let’s start down this path together! I look forward to joining you!

***Just a tad more about my loves….my quiet times w/ coffee, dancing in the kitchen with my husband, being witty to make others laugh unexpectedly, finding Jesus in random places, cuddling with my German Shepherd (when she lets me;), being outside, especially hiking the Rocky Mountains with a friend.***

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Enneagram Informed Mental Professional Level 2