Our coaching time will feel like…Meeting an old friend for coffee who can offer holy listening with experienced insight in a safe space to explore your interior world and help you grow into the truest essence of who God made you to be.

I am passionate about seeing people take a lifetime journey with the tool of the Enneagram. I have been living with this for over 10 years now and it has been the most transformational tool in my life with Christ. I integrate the Enneagram into the work I do in spiritual direction training, contemplative retreats, individual coaching as well as working with business and church teams. I have been a pastor for most of my career but am leading a new Non for Profit called Space for Your Soul based out of Charlotte, NC. The older I have become, I really do agree with Teilhard de Chardin who encouraged us to “Trust in the slow work of God” in others and my self. I deeply enjoy seeing people changed from the inside out and being able to access a way of becoming aware in the present moment to be their best version of who God created them to be. I have been married to my wonderful wife for almost 30 years. We have 2 beautiful adult daughters. Our free time is concentrated on living life at a slower pace, hiking, nature, cooking healthy food, reading, good cup of coffee, or glass of wine and meaningful conversation.


My sales career has spanned over 40 years. I was raised to believe that we never stop learning and knowledge is a lifetime pursuit. I believe that if we stop learning, we might as well stop breathing. As a result, I have attended countless seminars and training programs, taken classes, read books, listened to audio programs and completed numerous personality profiles over those years.

I can say without hesitation that Enneagram is the best program I have ever experienced. Part of that is the approach it takes, part of it is the way our ongoing sessions take a granular approach to the information learned. Too often, “personality” tests are administered, a profile is developed, we learn something new about ourselves, and we move on. Enneagram truly breaks down our personalities, studies where those behavioral styles originate, teaches us how to build on our strengths, how to better understand those around us, and puts the information into practical, daily use.

Thank you for guiding our company through the Enneagram training. Through over 23 years of running our business, your Enneagram training has been one of the most impactful in building our team and the camaraderie. I like how you did quarterly seminars and feel like these built on each other to help the training get traction. We are seeing huge changes in the way people communicate and work together.
Over the years we have done a lot of different personality profiles and coaching sessions. This by far has taken us deeper and made an immediate positive impact on our culture.
-Dave, The Spacia Group

It’s amazing how God’s grace is prevalent in this space of my journey. Even the language I’ve learned – through our cohort’s time together, our readings, and additional Enneagram teachings – has been so helpful in guiding me toward grace and away from self-condemnation…
-Liz, soul space retreat participant

Tim’s One on One coaching has been a gift and one of the most transformational journeys I have taken.


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