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Terrie Power

My passion is to provide a supportive environment to discover your personality to lean into an Empowered Life by developing an individualized plan for you and giving you the practical tools to achieve your dreams.


Career, Free Consultation, Health, Marriage, Ministry, Parenting, Wellness, Women, and Youth

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 9

More about Terrie Power

For years, I felt out of place.  I felt weird and afraid to step out with confidence.  I have accomplished many goals in my life but allowed what my perceptions of myself color the way I saw my life. I lived to try to fit and do things that were normal.  But God was calling me to more.  After I began using tools such as the enneagram, I was able to lean into the woman God created me to be and I am now living a confident and empowered life.  I could not quit sharing this with others so I decide it was time to step into my passion of becoming an empowerment coach.

My Approach:

Definition of Empowered: having knowledgeconfidence, means or ability to do things or make decisions

I will walk you through the steps of gaining:

Knowledge – I will use tools to help you learn about your personality’s strengths and challenges.

Confidence – We will explore the confidence you gain to know what you want and what changes you want to make.

Ability – I will teach you strategies to develop a plan to start moving toward a more empowered life and accomplishing your goals. 

What can living into an Empowered Life help you to achieve? Start a new job, Build a better relationship, Be a great parent, Change the environment in the office, Love yourself, or start a business.

It truly is endless.

I work one-on-one with clients, with a group of friends or with group of business leaders.  It is important for me to find the best way to help people find themselves, others, and their dreams.

Twenty-plus years as a working mom, prayer group leader, and ministry volunteer have honed my passion to see people thrive as they transition through life’s changing seasons. I believe in empowering people to live as God’s beloved, finding strength in who He made them to be rather than what the world says they should do. As a Certified Enneagram Coach with a Biblical foundation, certified pro in the Full Focus Planner, and professional experience building and designing relevant and achievable goals, I coach individuals and groups to find out what they want and put a plan in place to achieve it.

I have been married to my supportive husband, Jason, (5w4, INTJ) for twenty-six years. Together we have raised two precious and unique boys, Nathaniel, a college sophomore and Jacob, a high school sophomore. We’ve also loved a score of dogs and cats who have brought joy, fun, and a little stress to our family. Our family serves our church through the arts, as well as prayer and Bible study groups for couples, women, children, and teens. As a 9w8, I have the ability to see all sides of a situation and love bringing people together.  My personality shows through as an INFP in my love of creativity and exploration and the value I place on authenticity.

I look forward to guiding you toward your goals using the Christ-centered Enneagram, Full Focus Planner, and/or other valuable tools.

Are you ready to make a change and achieve your goals?

Start living an Empowered Life.


Certified Enneagram Coach, Full Focus Planner Certified Pro, Masters in Speech-Language Pathology, workshops in the sacred enneagram


20 -Minute Consultation
Meet to discover if you are ready to take the next steps and if my approach fits your needs.
Enneagram Typing Session
Your coach will help guide you in discovering your main personality type in a 90 minutes session.
Enneagram Your Type Deep Dive
There are six sessions including a typing session in this series each with a customize Guide Sheet that your coach will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed.
Achieve your goals
After completing the Your Type Deep Dive , your coach will help you design a customized plan and work with you to use what you have learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual) .
Design Your Dreams Package
Includes: Enneagram Typing Session, 5 Enneagram coaching sessions, 1 Discovery what you want sessions, and 3 Goal Achievement Sessions Plus assess to a dream building facebook community.
Enneagram Workshop - In person
A 6 hour interactive workshop for small groups in person. This can be tailored to fit your groups needs. (groups of 5 to 25) Travel expensive are not including with price.
Enneagram Workshop - Virtual
A 6 hour interactive workshop for small groups over Zoom. This can be tailored to fit your groups needs. (groups of 5 to 25)

Please select an offering to view payment options.


I was eager to learn about my Enneagram type, from my blind spots and unhealthy tendencies to growth paths and wing strengths. But I wanted to have a Gospel-centered experience, and Terrie gave that and more. I was able to see that my strengths and gifts are all for His glory and that my weaknesses are constant opportunities to trust Him and turn to His word for wisdom.

Terrie is able to utilize her amazing skill as an Enneagram coach to guide you through becoming self-aware, identify obstacles hindering progress and then use the gospel to build practical strategy into your life. She has a gift to allow you to open up in ways that will make you so vulnerable, but she knows how to handle it all. She welcomes the Holy Spirit into each session and is guided by the scripture to teach.

Vanessa B., Jamaica

Type 6

I have always been interested in personality studies, but the results were never clear whenever I took the “tests,” and I felt like I had no personality. Terrie listened intently as I talked through the enneagram types and answered questions. She noticed some of my patterns and helped me figure out which type fit the best. Using my personality type, Terrie worked with me to achieve some of the goals I kept putting off. She encouraged me as I made progress, was frank with me in a gentle way, offered me multiple ideas to address my obstacles, and provided me with the accountability I needed.

Terrie is knowledgeable and listens no matter how much time is needed to understand my personality.  She meets me where I am at and works with what I am able to give that day while encouraging and giving many ideas of ways to meet goals and overcome obstacles. Understanding my personality helped me accept myself better and know why I behaved the way I did. I feel more at peace and am having the best year I have ever had in my career.

Kamalyn, Fort Worth, TX

Type 9


Understanding my personality has been valuable in relating to those closest to me in my family and in my work. It has given me courage and confidence professionally. It has helped me become a better communicator by understanding my communication strengths and weaknesses. It has helped me realized that I am not an odd-ball, an outsider, or out-of-place, and has encouraged me to bring unique strengths and perspectives to my family and to my work.

Because my husband and oldest daughter also did the workshops, we came to see new ways in which we are alike and different, how to communicate better with each other, and how to show grace for each other. As my daughter grows into an independent adult, I now have deeper understanding of her points of view, the ways she processes information, her emotional and intellectual needs, and how to encourage her as our parent/child relationship transitions.

Heather C., Fort Worth, TX
Type 1

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