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Terri Nelligan

Using a focused approach to Enneagram coaching, I will help you identify and maximize your strengths, and to discard your thoughts, feelings and behaviors that are not helpful to you or your relationships. The world needs you just as you were created.


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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 8

More about Terri Nelligan

As an Enneagram 8, I am very passionate about helping individuals and teams improve by becoming more self-aware, resulting in healthier relationships with more productive interactions. When our relationships thrive, so do we all!

I have worked in many educational settings, including public and private K12 schools, non-profit organizations, international cultural exchange programs, and at the university level. I’ve lived and worked overseas in addition to many US states. I have extensive experience in general and special education, working directly with professionals who serve children with and without special needs and their families.

There is nothing more important to me than family. I have three amazing children who are all in college (at the moment).  In fact, they are the ones who introduced me to the Enneagram.

For fun I enjoy planning events and gatherings, cooking and hanging out with family and friends.  I love to travel and to learn about different cultures.  I value fun, friendships, adventure, humor, learning, and supporting others to reach their goals.

Please feel free to contact me so we can explore how I can help you on your Enneagram journey.  References readily available upon request.

  • Certified Enneagram Coach
  • Bachelor of Science in Communication Arts, James Madison University
  • Master of Science in Education, University of Southern California
  • Licensed Teacher in general education, special education and deaf education


20-Minute Consultation
In this introductory call, I will provide you with an overview of my customized coaching process, ask you some questions to better understand your needs and goals, and answer any questions you may have so that you feel comfortable making a decision about how best to move forward.
Discovering You Session (Individual Typing Session)
Using a systematic approach, I will help you identify your main Enneagram type. This is an important first step. Message me to schedule.
Individual Coaching Session (purchased individually)
Once you have confirmed your Type, I offer a customized series of five 50-minute sessions that I will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed. You will learn why you think, feel, and behave the way you do, and how to increase your positive attributes and drop your unhelpful thoughts & behaviors. Message me to schedule.
Individual Coaching Package (five 50-minute sessions)
Offering a $100 discount when five 50-minute sessions are purchased as a package. Once you have confirmed your Type, I offer a customized series of five 50-minute sessions that I will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed. You will learn why you think, feel, and behave the way you do, and how to increase your positive attributes and drop your unhelpful thoughts & behaviors. Message me to schedule and to pay in full or receive a payment plan option.
Contact me to discuss how a workshop or seminar could benefit your team, no matter how big or small. Workshops are customized, and may include, discovering Types & their core motivations, strengths, weaknesses & defense mechanisms; developing empathy and understanding for Types different than your own; bringing out the strength of individuals in the group; working more productively as a team, and more. Workshops are individually created to optimize the teams' goals & outcomes. Message me to schedule..
Contact for Price
Students & Young Adult Discount
Please contact me for a significant discount on any of the offerings above. I have a big heart for you and want you to start out knowing and loving yourself and others so you can change the world!
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As a seasoned corporate executive who has done significant work using other standardized personality inventories, when I first started my enneagram sessions with Terri, I was skeptical that this was some type of self-help mumbo jumbo. Terri’s approach was completely understanding of that, and she explained the Enneagram in a way that made complete sense. In the end, her work with me has been absolutely life changing on both a personal and professional level. I now understand myself so much better, and more importantly, I understand that all people see the world differently with differing motivations and reactions.  Believe it or not, my way is not necessarily the only or best way and I now take that into account in every interaction I have, thus improving all of my relationships.  A fantastic and fruitful experience overall and I have to say it’s all because of Terri. I highly recommend!

Paul, NYC Metro Area (Type 8), Corporate Executive

I did one on one Enneagram coaching with Terri and am so thankful I did! Terri did such a good job of helping me figure out my type after feeling like a few different ones fit me fairly well. She was able to ask the right questions to help me narrow it down and I discovered that I am a clear 2. Knowing this and being familiar with the other types as well has given me such valuable new wisdom into how to effectively communicate with other types and assists in relating to them. This has led to better relationships with family as well as better understanding of those in my business team. Terri is an excellent listener, teacher and compassionate servant leader and I highly recommend her Enneagram coaching for any individual or group or business looking to expand their self-knowledge and abilities to relate to the motivations and personalities of those around you.

Matthew, Richmond, Virginia (Type 2), Entrepreneur Business Owner

I already knew quite a bit about the Enneagram, and my own Enneagram 3 personality type, but when I worked with Terri we went so much deeper into the how’s and the why’s of my behaviors.  There were things that I thought I understood, but Terri showed me some connections that I wasn’t aware of, particularly how the lines/paths were working in my life without me really realizing it.  Terri has a gift for understanding people below their surface personality, and her genuine caring and compassion came thought each time we met.  I so appreciate her level of expertise in coaching me.  iHghly recommend if you are ready to improve your relationships and get closer to who God created you to be.

Mitzi, Southwest Shores of Lake Michigan (Type 3), School Counselor

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