A rubber band holds little capacity if it is not stretched. Our mission at Rubberband Creations is to expand your capacity to lead with clarity, understanding, compassion, and courage as you are stretched for growth and transformation. My professional career has included experiences in both faith-based and non-profit organizations. My earlier career included hotel sales, tourism marketing and working for local chambers of commerce. I have over 23 years of experience in vocational ministry serving in various churches equipping and empowering others to serve out of their strengths, gifts and passions. In early 2020, during our global pandemic, I found my own courage to launch a coaching business called Rubberband Creations. This name started because of a funny story and the connection to my last name but it now represents the new creation we each become when we willingly surrender to the stretching work of the Holy Spirit to renew our mind and help us break free from our old patterns of behavior. I strongly believe that the health of any organization or team is directly proportional to the health of the leader. Healthy teams start with healthy leaders! The blessings of my life include my best friend, partner, and husband, Jeff, our two grown children and their spouses, our beautiful granddaughter, Sofia, plus our three grand dogs who definitely have personality types all their own! REVIEWS “I signed up for Rubberband Creations coaching hoping to improve how I handled hard life situations. Suzanne has a calm and compassionate approach which truly connected me to my faith and inspired me to lead people in my life. Thanks to Suzanne, I now have a new improved outlook on fear, trust, and leadership that is propelling me forward everyday.” Wendy Adams – Director, Normal Memorial Library “Suzanne, is not only passionate about building purposeful and competent teams, she’s great at it. While serving at Ashland First UMC, Suzanne was instrumental in creating a culture of mission focused, functionally clear-eyed, strategic teams that together helped us form individual disciples and move an aging congregation toward renewed growth and mission effectiveness. RBC is a gift to local churches looking for solid coaching in team-based ministry and mission fulfillment.” Rev. Dr. Dan Bilkert, Lead Pastor at Faith United Methodist Church, Grand Rapids, MI “My experience with the enneagram was a very impactful and enlightening experience in my life.  I learned so much about myself in a nurturing atmosphere where I felt safe to be vulnerable.  Through Suzanne’s leadership and coaching skills, I felt lovingly challenged to come face-to-face with some of my fears, desires, weaknesses, and personal longings that I didn’t even realize were there.  I was also tremendously encouraged by the scriptures that we studied that really helped to build my faith and affirm who I am in Christ Jesus.  This was an incredible freeing experience for me and one that I would recommend to anyone who truly wants to break free from any personal bondages (that you may or may not be aware of) so you can walk in God’s wholeness and fulfill the plans and purposes that He has for your life.  Thank you, Suzanne, for walking by my side and guiding me through this life changing experience!” Cherie, type 9 “I started this process not knowing anything about the Enneagram. Through questions and scenarios, Suzanne helped me realize my main type, along with my core motivations. Through Suzanne’s gentle nudging and guidance, I was able to dig deeper and face many issues that I was avoiding. The biggest gain for me was to assess what I was doing within my church. Some of things I thought I was doing for God, was really for me and not coming from Him. Now I understand I need to step back, pray and ask if it is really where God wants me.  It has helped me realize that I need to be God centered and His will should be my purpose.” Kathy, type 2 
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