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Robin Madson

"And you will know the TRUTH and the truth shall set you FREE!" John 8:32. MY PASSION is to help others experience freedom by embracing truth about themselves through the lens of the enneagram, and the Gospel truth of Jesus.


Business, Ministry, Non-Profit, Team Building, and Women

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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 9

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MY WHY… I believe individuals, families and our world are hurting and broken and I want to be part of the healing that God promises in His Word (Isaiah 57:18-19). I believe God has brought me to this place in my search for truth, freedom, and healing for “such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). For over 20 years I have been searching to understand me: why I feel the way I do; why I react as I do; and why I behave as I do. I have taken, what seems like, hundreds of personality assessments and tests, have read tons of “self-help” books, and searched high and low for just the right “thing” that would bring healing and freedom to my heart and life. Then I learned about the Enneagram and it piqued my interest in ways the other resources didn’t. But when I was introduced to Beth McCord and “Your Enneagram Coach” and learned the truth about my enneagram type through the lens of the Gospel, I knew I had come to a place, designed by God, that could bring truth, freedom, and healing – not only for me but for others. Knowing the TRUTH of the Gospel, that I AM “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139:14), fully known (1 Corinthians 13:12) and unconditionally loved (Jeremiah 31:3) by Jesus, and the truth about my enneagram type, was truly transformational. I am still learning and fully intend to keep on learning. God is still revealing His amazing love for me in His Word, and as I study more about the Enneagram, I am learning, and appreciating, more about who He has created me to be.

MY PROMISE… As your Enneagram Coach, I promise to walk with you toward truth and transformational freedom journey and help you to discover, embrace, and live in the amazing person God has created you to be.

Won’t you join me?” And you will know the TRUTH and the truth shall set you FREE!” John 8:32


MY QUALIFICATIONS: I have a BA in Family Life Education from Concordia University St. Paul, a Certification as a Director of Christian Education with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and a Certification in Leadership from Concordia University. In addition, I am a trained instructor with LifeSkills International and have completed many hours of learning revolving Trauma Informed Care.


Begin the journey.
Every journey begins with a single step – so it is with your FREEDOM journey. Jesus, says in John 8:32 says “you will KNOW” the truth and the truth shall set you free.” In this 30-minute introductory session you will begin your journey to Freedom by KNOWING what the truth about what enneagram is, and is not, and how this tool, when viewed through the lens of the Truth of the Gospel, can bring about wholeness, healing, and freedom. I will ask clarifying questions and do the best I can to learn about where you are right now, as well as what your goals and desires are for the future. I will also invite you to ask questions, both about the Enneagram and the Gospel and will do my best to answer them with truth. Then, if you believe we are a good fit together and you would like to continue your Freedom Journey with me, the Enneagram, and Jesus, we will discuss your next steps.
Discover Truth
Now that you know SOME truth about the Enneagram and the Gospel, it’s time to get personal. In this 1-hour session we will seek to discover your unique core Enneagram Type. BEFORE the session, I will send you a document with 9 paragraphs sets for you to read and ponder. Each of these paragraphs represent one of the 9 Enneagram Personality Types. DURING the session, we will discuss the results of your assessments, look at the 9 types in general (including but not limited to, Enneagram Triads, and Core Motivation), and from that DISCOVER your Core Enneagram Number. Then, you can decide if you would like to continue your Enneagram journey to the next level and EMBRACE TRUTH!
Embrace Truth:
The Passion Translation of John 8:32 says: "For if you embrace the truth, it will release true freedom into your lives." Knowing truth and embracing truth can be two very different things. It can be a scary thing to not only KNOW the truth about ourselves (good and not so good), but to EMBRACE that truth. BUT when we look at the truth of ourselves through the lens of the truth of the Gospel – that we are both FULLY KNOWN and UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED, that is where the true freedom Jesus desires for you. In these five 1-hour sessions we will dig deeper into what it means to be you – as God designed you to be. We will look at Core Fears, Core Weaknesses, Core Desires, of your individual core type, PLUS we will look at other parts of the Enneagram that contributes to who you are – all done through the truth that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” (Psalm 139). Each week you will receive a custom guide sheet specific to your Enneagram Type that we will walk through together. These sheets will give insight and understanding to WHY you think, feel, act, and react the way you do. Then together, we will explore practices that can help you become the best you possible.
SAVE $50 when you purchase BOTH the Know the Truth AND Embrace the Truth sessions together. (NOTE: Both sessions must be paid for when scheduling your sessions).
Continue the Journey.
Now that you KNOW the truth, and have EMBRACED the truth, it can be difficult to continually LIVE Truth. That’s why Paul reminds his friends in the Galatians community: “At last we have freedom, for Christ has set us free! We must always cherish this truth and firmly refuse to go back into the bondage of our past.” (Galatians 5:1). To LIVE in the FREEDOM that truth brings takes PRACTICE. In these sessions, we will explore concrete and practical ways you can PRACTICE living in the Truth of who you are and WHOSE you are. We will explore resources such as “Mapping Your Enneagram Story, Tracing the Story of your Life to Find God’s Fingerprints” (Jesse Eubanks, Love They Neighborhood, Inc.), “Spiritual Rhythms for the Enneagram” (Calhoun/Loughrige); as well as spiritual practices (Immanuel Prayer, Life Journaling, Lectio Divina reflective meditation) and much more. Each 1-HOUR session is $45 (books and resources not included). NOTE: You MUST have completed Discover and Embrace Truth sessions to be eligible to participate in Living Free – Continue the Journey.
Receive ONE FREE SESSION with the purchase of 5 sessions of Continue the journey.
TRUTH ABOUT US - Team Building for Ministries
The truth is people are messy and when our messes collide – well that can make an even bigger mess and cause problems with ministry teams (yes even for Christians). In TRUTH ABOUT US, I offer both half and full day team building workshops for church staff, non-profit boards or staff or volunteer groups. During these workshops your team will explore the truth about the Enneagram, as seen through the lens of the Gospel, take an initial assessment to determine each team members Enneagram type, and then do some fun team building and communication exercises to help us see each other’s unique communication needs. PLUS, as a FREE BONUS, I will walk through the Enneagram Cheat Sheet (provided by Jesse Ubanks from Love Your Neighborhood, Inc in Louisville, KY) to help you learn what each member of your team needs for effective communication. Cost for this event varies depending on the length of the workshop.

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When I came to Robin, I was already sure of my number. As a 5, I had done a lot of digging into the enneagram. I had read books, taken classes, participated in an online group, and even led introductory classes on the enneagram. However, I was stuck in the observation stage. I saw my patterns of behavior, especially the unhealthy ones, but I didn’t know how to change them.

I chose Robin as my enneagram coach because of her guiding Bible verse: You will know the truth and the truth will set you free! (John 8:32). I wanted to know the truth and I wanted to be set free but I needed help. Robin has been a gentle, trusted, encouraging guide to me as together we have looked at ways I could grow. She has helped me take steps forward in accepting who I am. She has helped me to value and build upon the positive aspects of being a 5. I have learned to embrace the wisdom God gives me and share that with others. And to also realize that I can rely on others – I don’t have to figure everything out for myself. This is work I could not have done on my own and would not have wanted to do with anyone else. I am so grateful to Robin and highly recommend her as a coach.


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