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Renee Bergmen

I am an enneagram expert and health detective that supports men and women looking to get to the root issues of their health and deep dive the enneagram for full MIND, BODY and SOUL healing.


Business, College, Health, HR Development, Ministry, Pastoral Leadership, Wellness, and Youth

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 7

More about Renee Bergmen

Renee is an Enneagram specialist and Functional Health Practitioner. She supports enthusiastic, fun-loving moms (and their families) to get their excitement back when they feel frustrated or like like they’ve hit a wall. Through enneagram-focused connection Renee’s clients get to the root causes and gain back vitality. In our sessions we can focus solely on the enneagram or for more whole body centered healing we can get to root causes of health issues as well, through formulated food plans and functional labs alongside your enneagram deep dive. In approaching your entire self, I help you see a whole picture of healing you can achieve.


Enneagram Health specialist, Functional Health practitioner, WHOLE mind body soul healing, FDN-P


30-Minute Consultation-
In this consultation we will discover if we are a good fit and how I can assist you in finding your whole self health guide.
Discovering You Sessions
Your coach will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type.
Exploring You Sessions
There are Five sessions in this series each with a customize Guide Sheet that your coach will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed.
Becoming Your Truest Self($125.00)
After completing the Discovering and Exploring You sessions, your coach will help you apply all you learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual).
Not Available
Enneagram + Functional Health healing
If you would like to dive right into how you can look at your whole self, we will meet 10 x's and run 2 foundational labs on your hormones and gut PLUS use the enneagram to deep dive whole body healing.

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“Meeting with Renee has been so helpful for my overall health and spirit- just small steps and changes have made a major difference in how I feel.” Becky J

“I can’t believe the difference I have felt in the last four weeks. We have only begun our work together, but Renee’s knowledge and guidance has brought some much needed soul and physical relief I didn’t think was possible”
Abby D.

“Trusting Renee with Megaphone Functional Health to walk me through this process was the best decision! She encouraged me and answered all of my questions as I nervously completed all of the diagnostic labs and patiently explained the results to me.  The best part is that Renee was there the whole time educating me, answering even more questions and celebrating my small victories. I would (and do!) recommend this program to anyone who is ready to put in the work to feel better. It may sound cliche but seriously, if I can do it so can you!”

Amy M

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