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Reducing anxiety & stress through self awareness.

My journey began at age 16 when I had my first panic attack. This was before anyone talked about anxiety much less panic disorder. As a result of my stress, I began suffering physically with many challenges that left doctors scratching their heads.  Fast forward to my early 30’s and I finally found relief through nutrition, emotional healing and variety of tools that I now use in my daily practice personally and professionally.  One of my favorite tools is the Enneagram. It has literally changed my life and how I work with clients.  I would love to walk side by side with you on your own journey towards peace and wellness.

Be Well, Live Well!   ~Dr. Leslie

In 2008, Dr. Leslie Glenn Evans opened her holistic practice with the express purpose of helping people feel better—physically and emotionally—by embracing a gentle, natural approach to self-care. After a 16-year-career educating at-risk adolescents with learning disabilities, ADHD, and depression, Dr. Leslie blended her degrees in Education and Professional Counseling with her love of natural health care to enlighten others about the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. Dr. Leslie earned her PhD in Natural Health Sciences with extensive study and dissertation on the gut/brain connection. She is a certified Enneagram Coach, Life Strategies Coach, a Holistic Wellness Coach, and is trained in Hemispheric Integration, a form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Dr. Leslie’s own personal journey gives her a unique perspective and understanding of her clients’ challenges and frustrations. She is excited to help her clients become the best version of themselves—to live well and be well.
Dr. Leslie is partnered with Down to Earth Counseling & Wellness of Tuscaloosa, AL and sees clients on an individual basis while offering Telehealth consultations for those living out of the area. She serves her community by offering local wellness and yoga classes, and she is available for corporate trainings, conferences, retreats and other speaking events.


I’m so grateful for the insights Dr Leslie has shared with me about the practical applications of enneagram wisdom in my marriage. I feel relieved and hopeful for a deeper connection and understanding that will grow in abundance! Nina W.

Dr. Leslie’s coaching has enabled me to develop a much deeper understanding of myself and those significant to me. This has led to more clarity and defining moments in my relationships and I’m so grateful. Her coaching has enabled me to experience deeper connections and work through issues more effectively with fewer misunderstandings. Mary Q.