Have you often wondered why you do what you do? Have you felt frustrated with yourself over it? Or maybe at the actions of others? Wishing so badly that you or they could change? I wondered the same thing for a long time and felt stuck in many areas. I couldn’t understand why I did certain things and honestly questioned why I was created this way! Why couldn’t I be more like this or them.

If this is you, I understand what you’re going through and am here to help! I am passionate to help people find out why they do what they do, help them overcome the challenges of life and help them grow through using the Enneagram.

Find out more information at: www.youmatterenneagram.com.au or send me a message. I would love to be able to help you discover your unique self, because YOU MATTER.

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Certified Enneagram Coach
Your Enneagram Coach
Certificate IV & Diploma in Business Administration