I’m here to empower, equip and encourage you! Let’s journey towards success through the Enneagram in your personal, relational, and professional life. Together, we’ll uncover insights and unlock your potential for a healthier, happier, more aligned YOU.

Kim Merritt, The Enneagram Enthusiast, could be your guide to unlocking your potential and living life to the fullest. As a military spouse, homeschooling mom, and seasoned small business leader, she understands the unique challenges life throws our way, and specializes in helping others conquer them with alignment, joy, and enthusiasm. Having worn many hats over the years in her business, home, leadership, and military communities, she brings a wealth of experience to the table and is passionate in empowering, equipping, and encouraging others as a Certified Enneagram Coach.

Her personal Enneagram journey began after finding insight and understanding as to how this tool improved her own thought process and daily strategies. Quickly followed as a business leader, improving her perspective, understanding, and communications within her professional roles and the ways in which she was better equipped to lead a team.

The Enneagram tool is a gift that she is passionate in sharing to help others align with their healthiest path.
As an Enneagram 7 wing 8, Kim specializes in crafting enthusiastic and engaging learning experience through group coaching, 1 on 1 sessions, and conference speaking experiences.

Her coaching approach is vibrant and transformative, if you are looking to embrace you authentic self, enhance your personal, relational, or professional spheres, and do it with a side of zest, join Kim for a complimentary Discovery chat to see if her programs are a good fit for you, your team, or organization.


“I got to attend a training you did on the Enneagram for our Leadership Conference, and I absolutely loved the way you presented the information. It was interactive, engaging and I learned so much, not only about myself, but I could really see how I could help my team and their different enneagram types! I felt equipped to be a more insightful leader, and also started to understand more of why I think and do the things I do! LOVED IT ALL!” -Stefanie Van Ness

“When Kim was preparing the material to present at a leadership retreat, I was honored to look at the material beforehand; it was perfectly positioned for individuals looking to invest in their teams.” -Kathy Yellets

“Kim is always a wealth of information and an incredibly engaging speaker. She brings the fun to whatever she’s presenting. I highly recommend whatever training she’s offering.”- Wendy Gerlach

“I attended a class that Kim presented at a leadership retreat on the enneagram. Her class was informative, well organized, interactive and most importantly, FUN!”-April Aldstadt

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YEC Certified Enneagram Coach
Small Business Leader
AFI Military Spouse of the Year Base Recipient
Public Speaker