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Kerri Grant

Helping you discover and understand you, through the hope of the gospel, to live an abundant life.


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 1

More about Kerri Grant

Hi! I am Kerri, and I’m glad you’re here! 

God has used the Enneagram to bring a transformative work to my soul. As an Enneagram 1, the loud and persistent judgment I have felt from my internal critic has repeatedly run headlong into my perfectionism. This has left me feeling defeated and struggling to understand why, for all my efforts, life never seems to have peace and rest. I grew tired of the cycle of shame, anxiety, worry, relational problems, and self-doubt keeping me back from living the abundant life and experiencing abundant relationships. I knew that there was more offered to us all through the gospel and I longed for more. 

I am originally from the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, nestled up against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. A few months after my husband and I were married we moved to Portland, Oregon for seminary. We church-planted north of Seattle for 9 years, moved to Minneapolis for 2 years, back to Washington, this time in Olympia for 3 years, and then in 2008, we moved to Sioux City, Iowa, which we now call home. 

Life has been a journey that reminds me of driving through the Rocky Mountains in Canada. There have been peaks of beauty, deep valleys of heartache, the turbulence of rushing rivers, and the peace of open meadows.  Through all of it, I know that God has been with me and through the years I have worked to walk with Christ. But I have felt that I have been my own worst enemy. I have not been able to break out of negative cycles, have a perspective of growth that I knew I needed, or have the understanding to know why I react the way I do. The Enneagram has not changed me but God has used it in my life to bring change.    

In my heart…

*I longed for more hope and peace, 

*I longed to understand why I was on repeat and in this broken spot, again

*I longed for awareness in my soul as to why I always felt like a failure

*I longed to quiet the incessant berating voice in my head

*I longed to ease tension in relationships

*Ultimately, I longed for God to transform the broken places and receive freedom, hope, and his abundance in my weary soul.

God has shaped each of us into a unique and beautiful design for his glory. But the internal messages we can all hear can keep us from living into the beauty of who we are. Jesus came to bring life in abundance. The Enneagram has been a tool that God has used in my life and marriage to bring about abundant life. That is why my heart is to see people experience abundant relationships with Christ, themselves, and others through the tool of the Enneagram.   

This side of eternity I won’t be completely free from brokenness but the hope of the gospel has changed and is changing who I am, and in understanding myself and others more, I am growing into a deeper place of abundance every day. 

Finding the right coach is important and I would be delighted to help you on this journey. If you are desiring to experience the abundant life that Jesus is offering and long to break free from cycles of shame, anxiety, relational struggles, persistent negative cycles, and self-doubt let’s find a time to connect. 

Invest in yourself and take the time to discover the unique and beautiful way that God has shaped you. I pray that you know and experience the abundant life that Jesus offers.

*I have been a pastor’s wife for over 30 years and counting – it’s been a journey!
*My husband Lloyd and I have been married since June of 1989 – Though there have been bumps and bruises, we love each other more every day by a growing understanding of ourselves and each other, but most importantly by God’s sweet grace!
*We have 7 children – 3 amazing sons, 1 remarkable daughter, 3 delightful daughters-in-law, and a growing tribe of grandchildren that continue to enter our world and delight us beyond measure!!

Some of my work experiences
Church Worship Arts Director
Christian School Counselor
Elementary Music Teacher
Middle and High School History and Bible teacher
Crisis Pregnancy Center Advocate and Education Coordinator – Currently

BA in Biblical Counseling
MA in Christian Counseling
Certified Professional Life Coach (Professional Christian Coaching Institute)
YEC Certified
EIP Certified


25 Minute Consultation
This is an opportunity for me to get to know a little about you, hear some of your story, and your goals for coaching. I will also walk you through the coaching process and answer any questions.
Discover YOU
In Discover YOU we will work together to discover your main Enneagram type.
Understanding YOU
In these 5 sessions, we will take a deep dive into your type and discover the different aspects of your unique personality. We will talk through the ways these aspects inform you emotionally, spiritually, and relationally, and how this impacts your personal and work life. We will uncover ways that you can gain an understanding of yourself, at a pace that enables your best growth, so you can experience abundant life.
Abundant YOU
Abundant You is ongoing, customized coaching so you can continue to explore the ways you can continue to grow into a life of abundance. Together we can create a plan of growth that focuses on the areas in which you are looking for clarity and growth in your personal and work life.
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