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Judith Lewis

Coaching programs intentionally designed, so you can have healthier relationships at work and home and live out your purpose with courage.


Diversity Awareness, Free Consultation, Leadership Development, Ministry, Non-Profit, Team Building, Wellness, and Women

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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 5

More about Judith Lewis

Clarity is so important to me and it’s a gift that the Enneagram brings. I love that! Clarity on our motivations, defense mechanisms, coping strategies and so much more. This helps us to unravel the core behind what drives our thoughts, actions and feelings and impacts how we show up in the world.

I’m Jamaican and when I’m not coaching, I serve as the Managing Director of a Christian Campsite on the north of the island.

I started my coaching business, Growth Bound, to help women see themselves more clearly and access growth that allows them to live out of the wholeness and joy that God designed for them.

  • I’m a compassionate listener.
  • I’m a truth-teller.
  • I’m a strategic thinker.
  • I’m a prayer partner.
  • I’m a lover of all things cheesecake.
  • I can get overwhelmed in the beauty of creation.
  • I’ve grieved big losses.
  • I’ve embraced big changes.
  • I love getting lost in the quiet presence of God.
  • I enjoy living in my purpose.

Enneagram work is personal work, but it’s work that’s better when done with others. I’ve designed a coaching program to do just that. My signature program – M.O.V.E. – includes both individual sessions as well as optional group sessions with persons from your Type, Triad or Stance. I walk alongside you to bring awareness to unhealthy patterns that are keeping you stuck, and identify growth challenges that will help you thrive. I hope you’ll join me.


Certified Enneagram Coach, MA in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton College.


20-minute Consultation
Discover what's involved in our coaching program and if this is the right fit for your growth.
This program includes SEVEN 50-60 minute individual coaching sessions as well as weekly growth challenges, customized guide sheets, text-support between sessions and access to four group coaching sessions. MOVE describes some of the areas we will focus on during coaching which includes [M]otivation and Mindset work, [O]bserving life-giving practices, and [V]isualization and goal-setting tasks, so you can start to [E]mbody your full identity in Christ. *Pricing is for the whole program.
Follow up M.O.V.E. with on-going individual coaching sessions. These 50-60 minute sessions are focused on helping you embody all that you've gained so you can implement them in all areas of you life. These sessions will be tailored for your growth using enneagram wisdom as well as coaching strategies to support your journey in living out the fullness and wholeness that is yours. *Pricing is per session.

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“The program was tremendous for me. I’ve been a strong advocate for mental health awareness and have done my best to stay tuned in to my mental health and how it’s affecting me and my environment. When I started feeling like it was time for another round of counseling at the end of last year, I kept delaying the call because I felt like counseling wasn’t the answer this go round. Thankfully I came across a post on your site and impulsively reached out. It was exactly what I needed from exactly who I needed it from!” ~ Type 5 Client

“The enneagram personality typology was super eye opening to me, and allowed for deep self reflection and self awareness. It has led me on a positive trajectory for my life and has excited me about the open possibilities it has presented. Judith’s coaching was calm, focused and attentive; she was excellent at guiding me through this self analysis.” ~ Type 7 Client

“When working through activities, Judith gave clear, honest guidance. This helped me understand the way I think a lot more, my core values, strengths and weaknesses as a Type 1. This understanding combined with the applied exercises & work sheets gave me better insight into what it takes for me to embrace myself for who I am as I continue to live out my God-given purpose from a place of greater self awareness and love for others.” ~ Type 1 Client

“Judith’s insightful coaching led me to many “aha” moments regarding my spiritual walk and relationships with my husband, friends, and family. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in personal transformation that integrates the Christian Faith.” ~ Type 5 Client

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