I am the oldest of six children, a husband and father of two, though it sometimes feels like twenty. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ and I have received much persecution for His name’s sake, including nearly giving my life. I have been through much tribulation and pain, and I have deep empathy for those who suffer. I was permitted by the grace of God to survive so I could help others in their trials.

I have been experimenting with personality typing systems for decades. My sister introduced me to the Enneagram which I made the philosophical core of the fantasy series I have written. I used it first to breathe life into my characters, then I saw how it could breathe life into people and their relationships. It became the centerpiece of my interaction with friends, family, myself and God. I truly believe it is a powerful tool for building society and that every type has a place. I have seen it aid the Atonement of Jesus Christ in making good people better, bad people good, and change frowning foes to smiling friends.

I’m a deeply empathetic 4 with a passion for public speaking. I would go to any lengths humanly possible to help end the plagues on humanity that are divorce, addiction and abuse. I believe that most cases of dissatisfaction in the workplace by employees and termination of employees by employers are due to personality conflicts that are entirely avoidable. I want nothing more than to help everyone who has faced trials, especially relationship issues, to find peace in this life and joy through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time at enneahouse@gmail.com.

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