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Erika Davey

I use the Enneagram to help my clients learn about themselves and others so they can enjoy easy interactions with others, confidence in any situation and a sense of peace, contentment, and joy in everyday life.


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Erika Davey
Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 3

More about Erika Davey

With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, the last 16 years as a Physician Assistant, I thought I knew how the body worked. Then, six years ago, I found myself exhausted, consumed with chronic abdominal pain and full of anxiety. It was hard to tell if my symptoms were a cause or an effect, and I felt overwhelmed and confused about what to do. After trying everything offered by physicians and nutritionists, I began to realize that classic Western medicine doesn’t address the connection between mental and emotional wellness and physical symptoms and pain. I didn’t want to shun my medical training, but I was intrigued to learn more.

I’m a Type 3, so in the standard fashion 😁, I pursued a Health Coaching Certificate and extra education in Gut Health, Hormone Health and Emotional Eating. I explored the world of self-healing, chakra health, meditation and energy management in an effort to calm my mind and heal my spirit. And, I dove deeply into the Enneagram, fascinated by the insight available into my secret fears and why I do what I do.

I am elated at what I discovered—a combination of the wisdom and insight of the Enneagram, the benefits of science and Western medicine and energy management and self-healing techniques. By teaching myself how to set and hold boundaries and developing and nurturing a friendship with myself, I have been able to trade anxiety and overwhelm for resilience and calm, and enjoy a sense of peace, contentment and joy in my everyday life.

Now, I coach my clients to become aware of their default behaviors and natural reactions in order to obtain a level of self-acceptance that allows them to be compassionate and open, with themselves and others, resulting in the confidence to discover and pursue their ideal life.

I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with you and share my passion. xoxo


Certified Enneagram Coach, Physician Assistant-Certified (PA-C), Health Coach


FREE Type Confirmation Session
The assessment is about 70% accurate at determining your core Enneagram type, and so I take your top results and compare them to each other to determine your true core type. Once you discover your true Enneagram type, the wisdom of the Enneagram and information gathered over hundreds of years becomes much more relevant and can help you gain insight into yourself, your relationships and other people. Each of us has ready access to 5 of the 9 Enneagram Types, which helps explain how two people with the same core type can be so different, and how you may be "different" throughout your life, when really, you are simply exhibiting one type over the others based on the circumstances of your life at the time. You have access to 5 Types: Your Core type, your 2 Enneagram Paths (the way you respond to situations of stress and security) and your 2 Enneagram Wings (the types on either side of your core type.) For example, I resonate most with a Type 3, which has Paths to Types 6 and 9 and Wing Types 2 and 4. So, while I am always a Type 3, I have access to the behaviors and characteristics of Types 6, 9, 2 and 4 depending on what is going on in my life.
Peace, Joy and Contentment with the Enneagram
This 6 week program is designed to help you get to know yourself, and others, with the goal of enhanced relationships and impactful interactions in all areas of your life, leading to your version of peace, contentment and joy. We will meet weekly via Zoom for 6 weeks in a row. Throughout the course, you will: Take an Enneagram assessment and confirm your Enneagram type. Learn about your common reactions and default behaviors, so you can “see yourself coming” and make adjustments as needed. Learn about the common reactions and behaviors of others and ways to diffuse conflict, improve communication and feel good about the way you interact with others. Discuss the common communication style, struggles and strengths of your Enneagram Type and techniques to use in your interactions with others. Complete a worksheet designed to help you get to know your values, beliefs, interests, passions and outlook and use this information to set and hold boundaries in your real-life situations. Discover your path to peace, contentment and joy with newly gained insight into yourself and others and tools and techniques that specifically work for you. Sprinkled throughout the program, we will discuss energy management techniques to help you set and hold boundaries, and achieve a sense of peace, contentment and joy in real life.
Enneagram-Based Interpersonal Group Coaching
This program is designed for small to mid-sized groups who want to learn more about themselves and others through the Enneagram with a goal of enhanced communication and conflict management. I will meet with each person individually for a one hour Enneagram Typing Session. Then, we will meet as a group for three 2 hour group sessions, one week apart, to discuss differences in how the Types interact, communication styles, conflict management approaches and default behaviors. Over the course of these three group sessions, participants report enhanced insight into themselves and others, leading to self-confidence, levity and improved interpersonal interactions among the group.
Build Your Spiritual Six-Pack
This 6-week program is like hiring a personal trainer—for your mind and spirit. A Spiritual Six Pack is a set of mindset techniques and acquired skills that provide you with confidence and resilience in any situation. We will meet weekly via Zoom for 6 weeks in a row. You will learn and master techniques in energy management, chakra health, and self-acceptance and we will create your custom spiritual self-care plan, full of the techniques and practices that resonate and work specifically for you. A Spiritual Six Pack is just like a physical six pack that you build at the gym. By working hard to build that strength, you can draw upon it anytime you need confidence and resilience. With a Spiritual Six Pack, you will enjoy: The ability to set and hold boundaries, self-confidence in all situations, the ability to spend time on your passions without feeling guilty, and authenticity in your relationships because you attract the perfect people into your life.

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“Connecting with Erika has been life-changing and transformative. At our first meeting, I felt at ease, like Erika spoke my language. We dove right into the Enneagram results and a new world opened up for me. She created a safe space for me to explore my authentic fears and desires—without judgment. Our sessions expanded my self-awareness and revealed the “why” behind the things I think and do. She offered insightful strategies and take-home techniques to put in place. After our session, I feel a renewed sense of gratitude, empowerment, and sense of purpose and acceptance. Working with her has been one of the best gifts I’ve given myself and I can’t recommend her highly enough.” ~ Chris B. – Type 9

“I was interested to learn more about my Enneagram type and be able to use the knowledge to help me grow in different areas of my life. Erika made me feel very comfortable, was extremely organized, and very knowledgeable. She suggested many great questions to ponder, and exercises to do to help me process through some beliefs that had been limiting me. Working with Erika has helped me understand more about myself and the people I care most about. I have gained some great tools and insight to use, going forward.” ~ Phoebe S. – Type 1

“In our Enneagram group session, it was interesting that I sat next to a coworker who is pretty much my polar opposite, yet we work well together, and now maybe she won’t take my “direct approach” so personally and maybe I will be a bit more sensitive to her “sensitivity”. It was also helpful, or at least interesting, to see another coworker who is my same Type, an 8, appear to be so different from me. Overall, it was reassuring to learn more about my Type, an 8 wing 7, mostly because it broke the myth that we are only direct and tough, when in reality, we are extremely caring and do for others.” ~ Sue S. – Type 8 wing 7

“My coaching sessions with Erika have been extremely beneficial for my well being! As well as achieving a work-life balance and building on my financial success, my strength to tackle my stressors has grown! My attitude towards life has improved and my hope for the future has brightened.” ~ Megan R. – Type 9

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