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Ephraim Schoephoerster

It’s now what you do but why you do it.


College, Marriage, Men, Ministry, Non-Profit, Parenting, Pastoral Leadership, Team Building, Women, and Youth

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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

More about Ephraim Schoephoerster

Hi, my name is Enneagram Ephraim! I am from Champlin, Minnesota but joined the Army in 2008. I was stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. In 2009, I deployed to Iraq for a year where I met my wife. After completing our Army enlistments, we moved to Abilene, Texas to enroll at Abilene Christian University (ACU). There, I obtained a M.A.C.M and a B.A. Today, I work at a local church as the youth pastor and am on our sermon prep team.

The Enneagram has helped me personally, professionally, and relationally. My wife is an enneagram 8 and I am an enneagram 2. My wife and I have been to many marriage conferences and have implemented many educational tools to have a great marriage but we both agree that nothing has helped us understand each other more than the enneagram tools I want to teach you. In 2021, we suffered a miscarriage at 20 weeks and it was a prime example of knowing how we handle stress helped us both navigate such a difficult time. I want to help you understand yourself, spouse, co-workers, teams, etc. navigate the differences among each other and celebrate those differences. And, why having differences is not always a bad thing!


Master of Arts in Christian Ministry, Bachelor of Arts in Youth and Family Ministry, Minor in Coaching, Certified Enneagram Coach


15-Minute Consultation
Want to know more about how the Enneagram can help you? Let’s meet to discuss and make a plan for you.
Exploring You Sessions
Exploring You is 5 sessions with tailored guide sheets for you. This is where you will understand your core motivations, growth path, instinctual center, and more. This will help you understand yourself more fully and ‘why’ behind your motives. **$125.00 Discount if paid in full, up front**
Team Building Workshop
This is where your team will go through the Enneagram together. Not only will they understand themselves but how to interact with others with clarity and understanding.
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“The Enneagram coaching sessions have more than exceeded my expectations. Learning about innate drivers, motivations, and personality traits have not only allowed me to give myself more grace and understanding, but more importantly, for others also. Grasping the fabric of Enneagram has empowered me to seek connection amongst my relationships as opposed to being turned off by misunderstanding that can often cause offense and division. Enneagram is a powerful tool to strengthen and reap the fullest from all of your interpersonal relationships. Ephraim’s passion for the content is contagious, and I highly recommend his sessions!”
-Kara Morenus (type 2)

“Loved my group session with Ephraim! He is so knowledgeable, personable, and really loves what he does. I learned so much and can’t wait to go back for more! Highly recommend!!!”
-Chandler Robertson (type 6)

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