Thank you for taking time to read through my profile. I am an IBCC/AACC Board Certified Life Coach with expertise in the journey of  grief/loss, as well as, in the area of personal transformation through the use of the Enneagram . I hold a Certification as an Enneagram Coach and as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist.

Through the numerous years I have spent as a Hospice Chaplain and Bereavement Counselor, I have  encountered many who simply feel they cannot go on.  As such, I have worked with countless grievers coaching them beyond a place where they feel stuck, numb and alone. Instead they learn how to transform that grief. They show up for their lives again with desire and motivation. You may find my grief coaching practice at GracetoGrieve.com.

In the same way, I have worked with those that are ready to discover more about themselves. As we use the enneagram, they learn to discover their unique inner desires, hopes and motivations which begins to open the door to new goals and opportunities for the future.

I work with both individuals, couples and groups, offering  the action oriented, evidence based Grief Recovery Method, as well as, a class entitled, “Helping Children with Loss” and one focusing on “Pet Loss. In addition, I offer Enneagram Typing sessions followed by sessions that include a deep dive into the discovery and exploration of their particular type.   All may be conducted in person or virtually.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. I have worked as a Counselor in a practice but desire the more forward focused work of Life Coaching at this time in my life. I am trained in Trauma Informed Care, Career Coaching, Weight Management Coaching and in Couples/Marriage Mentoring.

Outside of my passion helping others through coaching, I  love spending time with family and friends, being at the beach or walking though nature. I enjoy riding my Peloton bike and I have a hobby distressing furniture. I also facilitate my spiritual growth through individual and group Bible Study.

, Hybrid
Individual , Couple, Retreat


Master of Arts in Counseling
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
4 Units of Clinical Pastoral Education
Holy Family Hospital
Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist
The Grief Recovery Method Institute
Certified Enneagram Coach
Your Enneagram Coach
Board Certified Life Coach
International Board of Christian Care and The Association of Christian Counselors