Working with individuals, couples and teams to better understand the lens through which they see the world, empathize with those who see the world differently, and move toward growth and personal transformation.

Hi, I’m Christina! I’m excited that you journey has brought you here! I’m a licensed clinical social worker turned coach with a background in school social work and private practice. I am wife to an entrepreneurial Enneagram 7 husband and a mom of two elementary school kids plus one pandemic puppy.

When I discovered the Ennagram in 2017, I was convinced that it was a tool that needed to be shared. The wisdom that I rapidly gained about myself and others was astonishing and transformative. My Enneagram certification, coupled with my MSW from Boston College’s Graduate School of Social Work, which focused on Solution-oriented Treatment, equips me to coach clients in their personal transformation.

I am passionate about connecting with and equipping clients to recognize their unique gifts and strengths and to free themselves from self-defeating patterns. I love coaching clients to experience “aha” moments which lead to greater clarity about why they do what they do, deeper empathy for others that see the world differently, and more freedom and confidence in knowing they are loved unconditionally, just as they are.


“I have had the privilege of participating in a parenting group, as well as a team building workshop with my company, both of which were led by Christina. She did a wonderful job introducing the enneagram to the moms in the group, and as we all learned about our different numbers, it became so helpful knowing our strengths and areas for improvement in respect to parenting. The team building workshop was extremely helpful as it allowed my co-workers and I to gain a greater understanding of how we each play an important role by using our individual strengths, and how each person is essential in order for the company to be successful. Christina is very personable, thoughtful, and considerate, and I highly recommend her as an enneagram coach!” -S. Allen

“I reached out to Christina because I wanted to gain greater insight about myself in the New Year. Christina immediately put me at ease with her warm, professional manner. She was skilled at asking thoughtful questions that encouraged me to reflect about my motivations and goals. Learning about myself thorough an Enneagram coaching session was informative and dare I say, fun!” -C. Bremer

Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person
Individual, Group, Couple
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

with training in in solution-oriented treatment (LCSW)

Masters of Social Work
Certified Enneagram Coach