Helping team and leaders overcome the challenges that keep them stressed and burning out so they can have a more peaceful and productive work place.

Amy helps teams, leaders, and individuals overcome the challenges that keep them stressed and burned out. Having personally experienced chronic stress and burnout, Amy guides teams in understanding each others’ perspectives, improve communication, and discover their zones of genius, so they can live and work with more peace and purpose.

Driven by the core values of presence, peace, and purpose, Amy is dedicated to transforming the culture of teams and businesses faced with employee burnout, providing a range of solutions including workshops for teams and leaders as well as personalized 1-1 coaching sessions.

Amy works in-person with  teams and leaders in the Auburn, Montgomery, Birmingham, and Anniston areas of Alabama. Virtual sessions available for 1-1 coaching sessions.


Amy’s passion for and knowledge of the Enneagram inspired me to learn more about myself. The increased self awareness has helped me grow as a person, value my strengths, and understand my weaknesses. I also have become more compassionate towards others as I appreciate our differences. – Tina G. (Type 3)

Amy’s enneagram work has helped me to live a more balanced life. Understanding the ways that we get lost and the path back home is essential to becoming a whole person. Amy is an excellent guide on the journey to your True Self. Her knowledge of Enneagram and passion for helping others realize who they are in Christ is inspiring. – Brandy A. (Type 5)

Amy did a group session for me and 7 of my girlfriends. Her insight and understanding of the Enneagram really taught us a lot about ourselves, our spouses and each other. We enjoyed and appreciated how she ties Jesus in to it all because He is the perfect Creator! – Denise B. (Type 8)

We had a great experience working with Amy at Growth Essentials Coaching. She quickly put together a custom training session for my staff and I on very short notice and delivered excellent content. We all took an enneagram test ahead of time and spent a few hours diving into the traits of the different types as well as learning about how each type communicates. This was super helpful in figuring out ways to improve internal communications among our team but also helped us improve ways to communicate externally. I would highly recommend Amy! – Liz Johnson (Type 6)


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