What if you could reach your highest potential & live a fulfilling life without sacrificing your inner peace?

Does everything the world is telling you to do, (work harder, strive more, do this, do that,) just seem to bring more inner exhaustion and less inner peace and leaves you even more frustrated?

Do the challenges in your workplace or in your leadership cause conflict and tension that keep you and your team from performing at a higher level?

By helping you and/or your team members understand your deepest motivations, (your core strengths, weaknesses, fears) and the awareness that reveals, we can flip the script on what modern culture tells us we need to do to find a deep inner peace & joy while living to our highest potential.

I have been in that place of feeling an inner frustration all the time, and then I discovered the Enneagram. It finally gave me language for how I felt, but it also gave me a way to get unstuck and find inner peace. As an Enneagram coach I will guide you to understanding more about yourself, why you do what you do, and how to thrive using that knowledge.

My passion is to provide a safe space to help others discover the unique way God created them using the tool of the Enneagram as well as encouraging them in the gifts and talents He has given them. My prayer for each of my clients is that as Psalm 139:14 says, they will “know full well” how God created them and understand how much they are loved by their Creator. I love working with women, college students, business teams, and volunteer groups to discover how using the Enneagram can help them move beyond the surface of their personality and help them thrive in their relationships, career, and life.

I serve teams in the Birmingham, Montgomery, Auburn, Anniston, and all areas of Alabama as well as some areas of Georgia.

I have been leading small groups on the Enneagram since 2018 and have found so much fulfillment in helping others learn how God created them. I have a Bachelors of Art from Jacksonville State University and personality systems have fascinated me since my college years when a friend introduced me to the Myers-Briggs personality system. In 2010, I took a course at my church to learn about personality, spiritual gifts, and how understanding yourself, your talents and gifts can reveal your purpose. My world has never been the same since that day. Understanding that God created me with gifts and talents that I could use to serve him and others changed my life. Very soon after, I began learning and studying about the Enneagram which opened up a whole new world for me. It was the missing piece in understanding who God created me to be and gave me a path for growth. I completed Your Enneagram Coach’s training in 2020 to become a certified Enneagram Coach and am continually studying and learning more about how we can use the Enneagram in our personal growth, workplaces, and leadership.

I am married to my college-sweetheart Chris. We have one son and our four-legged child Maddy, our beloved Labrador, and we live in Auburn, Alabama. Outside of work and family I love reading, painting, making hand-made cards, and learning more about flower gardening.


Amy’s passion for and knowledge of the Enneagram inspired me to learn more about myself. The increased self awareness has helped me grow as a person, value my strengths, and understand my weaknesses. I also have become more compassionate towards others as I appreciate our differences. – Tina G. (Type 3)

Amy’s enneagram work has helped me to live a more balanced life. Understanding the ways that we get lost and the path back home is essential to becoming a whole person. Amy is an excellent guide on the journey to your True Self. Her knowledge of Enneagram and passion for helping others realize who they are in Christ is inspiring. – Brandy A. (Type 5)

Amy did a group session for me and 7 of my girlfriends. Her insight and understanding of the Enneagram really taught us a lot about ourselves, our spouses and each other. We enjoyed and appreciated how she ties Jesus in to it all because He is the perfect Creator! – Denise B. (Type 8)

We had a great experience working with Amy at Growth Essentials Coaching. She quickly put together a custom training session for my staff and I on very short notice and delivered excellent content. We all took an enneagram test ahead of time and spent a few hours diving into the traits of the different types as well as learning about how each type communicates. This was super helpful in figuring out ways to improve internal communications among our team but also helped us improve ways to communicate externally. I would highly recommend Amy! – Liz Johnson (Type 6)


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