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EIP Endorsed - Are you feeling stuck, confused and frustrated? Let’s pop the hood and attend to the mechanics of your soul.


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 1

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Do you find yourself in frustrating cycles of behaviour where you are facing the same kind of problems and having the same type of arguments over and over again? Have you tried to change; only to find that you seem to stay the same? In my experience, these are often symptoms of hidden issues which lie deep within the mechanics of our soul.
As we enter into your Enneagram journey, I will help you to ‘pop the hood’ of your soul. Together we will explore its intricate mechanics and see ‘what makes you tick’. We will discover the powerful motivations which drive your emotions and your choices and we will learn to bring alignment to those things which are misaligned. When we are through you will find that you have far greater compassion and gratitude for yourself and for those whom you live with. My desire is to help you reach the place where your soul will run smoothly for many years to come.

My name is Shaun. I am a husband and a father of three. I am creative and engaging and I have a passion to uncover, nurture and inspire the essence of life in the hearts of children, women and men. Mechanical beauty has been a constant theme in my life and I enjoy motor vehicles, bicycles and building mechanical wristwatches! I am a trained pastor and I have always had a deep passion to know God more. I have engaged in many different careers too, including teaching, training, motor vehicle sales, construction project management and the directorship of companies.

I was first introduced to the Enneagram in the year 2000 while studying theology. The revelation that I am a Type 1 was very uncomfortable at first. I felt like someone had figured out ‘my game’ and it was crushing to realise that I was not the ‘good boy’ that I though I was! However, as I journeyed with the truth of the Enneagram, it became a source of healing, grace and liberation for me. Above all, I have learned to ‘take it easy’ on myself. Discovering that the critical voice inside of me was NOT the voice of God, but rather my ‘Inner Critic’, helped me to ignore it’s angry tirades and to listen for the unforced, peaceful and joy-filled voice of my Father. Discovering that He loved me – even in my deepest darkness – has been the core of salvation for me. It is my desire to enter into a similar journey with you. I desire that you too should hear the Father speaking of His love for you in the way that you most urgently need to hear it.

The Enneagram has given me insight and tools that have enhanced my life with God, with my wife, with children, my friends and all other people whom I meet on a daily basis and I know it can do the same for you.

So, click on the link and lets begin this journey together.


YEC certified Enneagram Coach, EIP Endorsed, Ba(Theology), Certificate in Architectural Draughting, NEC3 Project Management, TESOL English teacher


FREE 30-Minute Consultation
This is the place to start. In this 30-Minute Consultation, I will guide you through YEC's three-step coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs. Single consultation of 30 minutes - FREE
Discovering You Sessions
This is step 2 in our process. After the initial consult I will ask you to take the free YEC Enneagram assessment. In this assessment we will discuss the results AND we will ‘get under the hood’ and begin to explore your core motivations. Single consultation of 45 minutes - US$45.00
Exploring You Sessions
Now we’re taking a deep dive into the mechanics of your soul. There are five sessions in this series each with a customized Guide Sheet that I will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed. 5 sessions of 60 minutes @ US$75.00 each. Total price for series - US$375.00
Becoming Your Truest Self
A follow-up to ‘Exploring You’, once we’ve explored the mechanics of your soul and ‘attuned’ your inner-workings to the truth of the Gospel, we’re ready to begin mapping the road ahead. I will help you apply all you learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual). 3 sessions of 60 minutes @ US$80.00 each. Total price for series - US$240.00
Exploring You TOGETHER
The ‘Exploring You’ series for couples and besties! I will run the five ‘Exploring You’ Sessions together with your spouse, partner or close friend for a discounted rate per person. US$ 60.0 per person x 5 sessions x 2 people - Total Cost US$600.00.
Exploring You with Friends
The ‘Exploring You’ series with bulk discount! I will run the five ‘Exploring You’ Sessions with three or four friends for discounted rate per person. US$48.75 per person x 5 sessions x 4 people - Total Cost Normally US$975.00
Discovering and Exploring Young You
I believe the power of the Enneagram can influence a life profoundly. The earlier we understand it’s wisdom, the better. I am therefore offering the discovering and exploring you sessions to clients between the ages of 18 and 25 for a discounted rate of US$40.00 per session. 6sessions of 60 minutes @ US$40.00 each - TOTAL Cost US$240.00
The EnneaWHAT?! Session
A one hour stand-alone information session on the Enneagram, What it is, Where it comes from and Why it can help you. Normal Price - 1 hour @ US$ 75.00.

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Shaun Frost took me on a journey through the Enneagram where I discovered that I see the world through a different lens to others.
Often in my life I’ve been quite frustrated or disillusioned when people have not behaved in the way that I would have, or they have not seen the world in the same way that I see it.
I now realise that my husband, my children, my family and my friends all see the world through lesses which are different to mine.
As a result, I find that I am able to extend far more grace towards them. (Gail – T2w.1)

The Enneagran journey was very powerful for me. It helped me to learn about myself and to learn about the lenses which I view the world through.It was filled with many layers of compassion, grace and understanding for myself as well as for others.
I would highly recommend doing the Enneagran course. Its absolutely brilliant! (Claire – T2w.3)

The Enneagram provided me with tools to empower my decision making and strengthen my relationships.
The wisdom and knowledge imparted is invaluable and has helped me to understand my own core motives for much of what I do. Shaun’s knowledge of the enneagram and his ability to see the ‘big picture’ make him a brilliant coach. As you work with him, the pieces of your ‘life puzzle’ begin to come together while you discover new things about yourself and others.
This is a life- changing experience and Shaun’s experience in working with soul formation make it even more worthwhile. (Michelle – T2w.1)

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