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Sawyer Whitted

I help my clients get unstuck so that they can enjoy freedom in life and intimacy in relationships.


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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

More about Sawyer Whitted

Hey there! My name is Sawyer. I am a lover of people, dogs, adventure, travel, reading, writing, coffee, tea, and whiskey (to name a few). I have been using the Enneagram for many years in my own personal life and, in true Two fashion, have helped many of my friends and family members discover their types and begin their own journeys of deep transformation. I thoroughly enjoy self-development. Over the years, I have never come across a tool that is quite as amazingly accurate in pinpointing my greatest weaknesses which, when redeemed, are also some of my greatest strengths! Not only does it point out the flaws/powers, but it also offers you paths for growth! It would be such a pleasure for me to help you unearth, untangle, and grow unashamed in your type.


Certified Enneagram Coach, Masters-Level Education


25-Minute Free Consultation
Meet with me to discuss how we can partner together to help you experience freedom in life and intimacy in relationships!
Unearth Your Type Coaching
(55-minutes) Don’t know your type yet? No worries! Schedule a Unearth Coaching session and I will give you a run down of all nine types. I'll help you “try on" a few different types to see which fits best. Soon enough you’ll be able to nail down your dominant type and take the next step on your journey to freedom.
Untangle Your Type Coaching
(55-minutes) Now that you know your type, let’s dive in. The human personality is so complex and oftentimes we need a guide to help us untangle our behaviors, thoughts, and feelings to get at the core of our motivations. In our Untangle Your Type coaching sessions, I will help you uncover your type’s specific stress/security paths, wings, hidden sides, primary center of intelligence, defense mechanism, childhood messages, and so much more.
Unashamed in Your Type Coaching
(55-minutes) You have completed the five Untangle Your Type sessions and are asking “what now?” Schedule an Unashamed session with me now to discover how God has gifted your particular type with abilities and passions to use for His Kingdom. I will provide accountability and assistance to you as you set and accomplish goals, experience freedom in life, and develop intimacy in relationships moving forward. Become your best, God-gifted self.
Grow Together - Couples Coaching
(1.5 hours) Relationships are hard. They take work. Part of that work is learning what makes you both tick and how to best serve and love each other. You won’t know how to serve and love someone if you don’t know what matters to them. The Enneagram - and my coaching through it - will provide you with the tools you need to have a successful, strong, and intimate relationship with your significant other. Schedule a session! Your relationship is worth it.

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“Enneagram coaching has given me a deeper understanding of myself, both my flaws and strengths. It’s given new language to patterns and emotions I experience, and has provided tools for how to navigate them. I’m grateful for the validation this coaching has offered me, and the invaluable reminder of being cherished as I am by Christ.”

Marian (27), Type 4

“Through just a few sessions so far, I have started to break down personal patterns of dysfunction, understand myself more deeply, and been encouraged in how my Enneagram Type can be used by the Lord to accomplish His purposes for me and the world. BYF coaching has proved to be a key tool in moving forward in my life and uprooting both besetting sins and general unhealthy living.”

Josh (24), Type 9

“If you are looking for a fresh way to engage with the gospel and an impetus for personal reflection, I would highly recommend BYF. I’m noticing the ‘why’ of some of my actions that on the surface don’t seem too bad, but get to deeper heart issues. Sawyer enthusiastically explains the Enneagram while always tying it back to Christ’s completed work.”

Sarah (37), Type 7

“Undoubtedly, many of your discoveries will leave you smiling; perhaps other glimpses of your self may cause you a little discomfort. But I trust you’ll always feel enlightened for having taken YOUR Enneagram journey with Sawyer by your side to help light the way.”

David (52), Type 1

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