Helping GAL’s grow:
Gain understanding of the enneagram and discover WHO you are.
Access new tools for growth by learning WHY you do what you do.
Live an authentic life as you become the best version of you!

Hi! I’m Sarah, and I’ve been studying the Enneagram for over seven years. I’ve been teaching and coaching for two years and believe the Enneagram is a valuable tool that helps us understand who we are, why we act as we do, and who we can become.

In addition to becoming a coach through Your Enneagram Coach, I’ve attended Luminous with Enneagram experts Ian Morgan Cron and Beatrice Chestnut. I am a Type 3 (self-preservation), who has learned to use both my 2 and 4 wings. I’ve taught the Enneagram to over 100 women as part of my local Chamber of Commerce’s Women in Leadership series, to college students and staffs at two universities, to over 100 missionaries in Honduras, and to small groups while also coaching individuals.

I love commas and being a mom to Hannah (5w6) and Owen (9w1). You can find me drinking coffee and chatting about the Enneagram in my local coffee shop when I’m not reading or playing with my dog, Stella. I’m also an author who teaches English and ESL at Ohio Valley University.

Find me on Instagram @EnneaGal – a place where I love to share about the Enneagram. My heart is to help GAL‘s grow: Gain understanding of the enneagram and discover WHO you are. Access new tools for growth by learning WHY you do what you do. Live an authentic life as you become the best version of you!


“Sarah’s energy and enthusiasm for the Enneagram is infectious!  She was recommended to the MOV Chamber of Commerce for our Women in Leadership series by a committee member who had attended her training during a staff development day.  We loved her immediately!  Sarah led a monthly virtual training for over 100 female business leaders during the Winter of 2020 that inspired thoughtful discussions and reflections for the attendees – they craved information and Sarah delighted in providing guidance and information for the women on their Enneagram journeys.  And we couldn’t stop there – when we were able to bring our Women in Leadership Conference back in-person, there was no way we weren’t proceeding with the event without Sarah as part of the agenda.  She was the perfect bookend to our day as the afternoon speaker for a session entitled “Finding Your Enneagram Voice.”  Sarah is a tremendous resource and we hope to work with her again and again.” Jill Parsons, President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Mid-Ohio Valley

“I highly recommend Sarah to help you understand the enneagram and discover your number. As part of our team in Honduras, she taught the enneagram to over 100 missionaries at our annual Revive retreat. Her ability to take complex ideas and make them simple helped us to understand the enneagram for the first time. She also met individually with as many missionaries as she could to help them discover their number and understand how to use the enneagram to navigate both cultural and relational issues.” Jennifer Wright, Founder and Director of Revive Honduras

“The Enneagram has been a key component to understanding the motivations behind my actions. My coach (Sarah Farish, The Enneagal) has also taught me a valuable lesson through the Enneagram that it is important to use it as a tool -instead of a labeling system- to help me grow in my personal and professional life. Her focus on showing grace to one another and understanding that we ALL have struggles hit home hard for me and was extremely invaluable!” Anne Silvis

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