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Sarah Cronin

Chara Coaching🌿 [kahr-ah’]: joy, delight
Gospel-centered enneagram coaching for women who desire a fresh JOY in their faith, relationships, & life.


Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Marriage, and Women

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 2

More about Sarah Cronin

Hi friends! I’m Sarah – lover of Jesus, wife to Ryan, and mama to three awesome kiddos. I believe the purpose and calling of my life is to be a companion alongside others as we encounter the tenderness of God’s unconditional love. My desire is to grow in self-awareness for the sake of transformation into the image of Christ and to help you do the same.

The Enneagram is a tool that provides us a framework and language to understand how the Lord has uniquely designed us in His image. He has given each of us specific gifts and abilities – offering us a glimpse of His beauty. The Enneagram guides us through how to identify what our specific heart longs for, and the Spirit provides the awareness to see and rejoice when Christ satisfies it!

For me personally, the Enneagram has:

  • Strengthened my marriage – instead of the same misunderstandings happening again and again with my husband, we now have insight and understanding into how the other is processing the situation, leading to increased unity!
  • Increased my compassion for others – when I used to think, “why is she/he like that??” focusing only on our differences, now the Lord has highlighted the beauty in their design, leading to stronger relationships!
  • Offered grace and kindness for myself – where the enemy wants shame and self-condemnation to replay in my mind, I can lean upon the truth Christ that when I am resting as His beloved, the core longing of my heart is satisfied, leading to true fulfillment!
  • Freed me from living under the expectations of others – instead of looking for significance and identity from those around me, I am secure in Christ’s love. I don’t have to crumble under what everyone else is asking of me or saying to (or about!) me, because I know who He says I am, leading to abundant freedom!

Your heart will be fulfilled in a way it likely never has before – dancing in the delight of Christ’s love for you. This new awareness will transform the way you see yourself, your relationships, and your walk with the Lord.

It would be my great joy and privilege to embark on this journey with you!


Certified Enneagram Coach, Your Enneagram Coach

EIP Endorsed, Your Enneagram Coach

Christian Spiritual Formation Certificate, The Caritas Center (in progress)

B.A., Education, Anderson University


15-20 Min Free Consultation
I would love to chat with you to hear how you are hoping to grow in your transformational journey, give an overview of the coaching process, and answer any questions that you may have.
Typing Session
In this session, we will work together to identify the core motivations that drive your thoughts, feelings, and actions. This will lead us to the discovery of your main enneagram type and launch your self-awareness journey!
Explore Your Type
In this 5-Session series, we will take a deep dive together through different layers of the enneagram specific to your type. As we do, we will also connect to real-life examples of how this unfolds in your personal, spiritual, and relational life. We'll uncover the core longing of your heart and rejoice in how Christ fulfills that specific longing.
Marriage Coaching
Ready to take your marriage connection to a new level? In this 6-Session series, you and your spouse join together as we dive into the strengths/weaknesses of each of your types, your communication/conflict styles, and the unique dance of your type combination. Become your truest self for your most important relationship and experience fresh love together!
Chara Community
Join this unique 6-week coaching community that provides a beautiful setting to both dive deeply into your type with self-reflection AND grow in empathy and compassion for others. There are both in-person and virtual community groups available. A community is limited to only four participants to keep depth a priority. This community is half the cost of 1-on-1 coaching, you receive the same materials, AND you get the extra benefit of doing this alongside of others & growing in empathy! Contact for more information on the next upcoming community.
Chara Social
Looking for a fun activity for your small group or girls' night out? This social night is a guaranteed good time with laughter & fun while growing in self-awareness and God-awareness! You'll leave with a fun memory, a deeper connection with your group, and tangible tools for future growth. The content will be customized for your specific group so we can focus on your desires - group communication, spiritual growth, or anything else you'd like. The cost is custom based on travel time & party duration. Because it's all custom, it can work for any group you can imagine - moms night out, neighbors, best friends, family - the list is endless!
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  • I have been working with Sarah for a few weeks exploring my Enneagram through the Gospel. Sarah has been such a gift! She has encouraged me to think deeper and helped me to look at my heart strengths and weaknesses. Realizing that God loves me and has made me exactly who I am. I am excited to continue in this safe space to strengthen my relationships with God and others around me! – Lisa, Type 2
  • Sarah has been WONDERFUL. She’s incredibly relational, patient and provides such a beautiful balance of guidance and encouragement. Each session is like self-reflective biblical counseling. She asks the deep questions of my soul and keeps me looking at Christ, seeing the ways He is truly the one to fill me. The enneagram is used as a tool and doesn’t make me feel like each piece has to define me or apply to me. Sarah encourages growth, not excuses. I can’t wait to meet each week and I’ve grown greatly in my relationship with the Lord in 6 short sessions. I’d also be interested in going through this with my husband in the future. SO THANKFUL for Sarah! Schedule with her ASAP; you won’t regret it! – Katie, Type 7

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