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Roslyn Giannoni

Inviting you to live on purpose and fulfill your dreams by knowing who God created you to be


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 1

More about Roslyn Giannoni

Hello! I’m Roslyn.

I live in McKinney, TX, north of Dallas, where there is never a lack of shopping, restaurants, live bands, festivals, concerts and churches! Originally from Georgia, we’ve lived in Texas for 18 years. I’m a wife, mom and nona. Our family is full of musicians and I’ve played keyboards and piano in church since I was 12 years old and taught piano for 40 years.

I’m the founder of Velocity Life Coaching with a passion for helping men and women just like you to discover your “why” and become aware of the pitfalls that keep you from achieving it.

Have you ever wondered why you think, feel and behave the way you do?
Have you every wondered why your dreams come to a hard stop every time you pursue them?
Do you start projects but have trouble finishing?
Do you have dreams of wanting to change your direction, but no idea where to start?
Do you feel like conflicts in relationships are holding you back?
Are you in a new stage of life and want to explore new possibilities?
Have you asked yourself the questions “What do I do now that…?”
Have you or your team suffered from conflict as a result of misunderstandings?

My goal is to help you, someone who desires to grow forward, in discovering your unique qualities, clarifying who God made you to be and encouraging you to see that your dreams can become not only a reality, but be impactful on those around you.

Together, we will explore, and you will have a safe space to discover who God created you to be through the lens of the Gospel-Centered Enneagram and also develop a plan to get you to the next level of your Big Dream.

You are on this earth for purpose, and your passions and goals were given to you on purpose, so get ready to “Clear the Path” so that your purpose is unleashed!

Small Groups or teams can also benefit by enhancing relational dynamics and self-awareness, breaking down barriers that sometimes hinder productivity.

Schedule a free 25-minute consultation where you’ll explore Enneagram and/or Dream Big coaching and see if it feels right for you or your small group.


Bachelor of Music – Piano Pedagogy, YEC Certified coach (Your Enneagram Coach), Dream Big Coaching Certification (Bob Goff), Professional Life Coach Certification (Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy)


Free Coaching Consultation - 25 minutes
We will chat about your biggest challenges and what success would look like to you. I'll ask some questions to clarify, give you an overview of the Enneagram and more and we'll explore what possible next steps could look like. And if you think coaching would be beneficial for you, I would love to have the opportunity to be your coach.
Discovering You Sessions
You will be guided to discover your main Enneagram type and Core Motivations, along with an overview of the Enneagram (50 min)
Exploring You Sessions
This is a 5 session guided series with customized guide sheets to lead you on your journey of exploration without becoming overwhelmed with information. Each 50 minute session will consist of a new guide sheet so you will be involved every step of the way.
Becoming Your Truest Self -(Pre-requisite Exploring You Sessions)
50 minute single sessions designed to help you apply all that you've learned in Exploring You and delve deeper into your "Big Dream", whether it be professional, personal or spiritual.
Designed for a small group or team that wants to learn about how the Enneagram works and how interpersonal relationships can be strengthened in families, marriage, at work, with team members and peers. Includes typing and Core Motivations for each type. Time will vary based on size of group.
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“I really appreciated Roslyn’s definition of Life Purpose that she shared with me. I also really needed the accountability and reminders to slowdown and not ask so much of myself all at once. My dream seems so much more doable!” – Katie P.

“Roslyn helped me separate the confusion in my head by breaking down my goals into more achievable parts. Her continued encouragement and Biblical teachings were instrumental in the process. She has opened my eyes to a different way of approaching my goals.” – Sara E.

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