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Milan Bittenbender

I believe the Enneagram helps us to hear the very heartbeat of our soul. I love to lead people into that space where we listen, then with fresh awareness of who and whose we are, set our eyes on Christ who leads us into abundant life.


Business, Free Consultation, Health, Leadership Development, Team Building, and Wellness

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 1

More about Milan Bittenbender

I began my career working with teens through Youth For Christ and local church ministry. In our most recent endeavor, my wife Jen and I planted and led a thriving church in South Haven Michigan for over nine years. I have had the joy and honor to serve many hundreds of people while experiencing mountaintop achievements and trudging through some difficult valleys. Over these almost 30 years of full-time ministry, I have received a deep and rich education in human nature and relationships.

In January 2022, I resigned from the church we planted. Even after a thrilling leadership journey, I still felt I was missing some keys to ministry and leadership effectiveness…understanding why people do what they do and why people still struggle so much with relationships. By people, I meant me too. During a three-month sabbatical, I dove into the Enneagram, studying everything I could find on the subject. I soon realized that in all my attempts to know God and serve other people, I had overlooked myself. I soon began awakening to my own soul and understanding myself better. It also gave me tremendous insights into those around me. God used this tool to awaken me and help me get “unstuck”. Now, I hope to provide help and hope to others who can find a deeper relationship with themselves and those around them.

I have a passion to help people discover themselves in new and insightful ways. In particular, I want to help people increase their EQ as they discover why they think and respond to life as they do, and how to quit reacting out of impulse and instead live and lead with intention.

Self-awareness and mutual understanding are especially vital in team environments. I believe in the power of unity. A team united is unstoppable. I love to help corporate, church and non-profit organization teams wake up to themselves and those they work with, learning new tools and developing new language with which to build team unity and collaboration for irresistible work environments and unstoppable teams.

I live in South Haven Michigan with my beautiful wife Jen and our three boys (Milan, Josiah and Ben), our dog Josie, cat Graycie and turtle affectionately named…Turtle. I love most warm-weather outdoor activities, working out at the gym, making improvements to our house and hanging out with friends. I also work as a health coach, providing services to become a more integrated person. True wellth is health and wellness – body, soul and spirit.


YEC Certified Enneagram Coach, Ordained Pastor


30 Minute Consultation
Let’s begin with a simple conversation. I’d love to meet you and hear a little about you and what you are looking for in an Enneagram coach. I will share my coaching methods and answer any questions you may have to help you discern if my services are a right fit for you and your needs.
One hour Discovery Session
During this initial session, we will work together to help you discover your Enneagram type and work through an initial overview of the Enneagram as a tool for self-improvement and overall enrichment.
5 Session Explore Coaching
The Explore process is a 5 session journey using a proven plan customized to your unique personality. In these sessions, we dive deep into your Enneagram type, core motivations, Instinctual centers of intelligence, wings, paths and more. We will wake up sleeping insights and achieving fresh awareness of what drives how you think, feel and behave. The goal is to achieve clarity, then chart a course for personal growth and transformation.
Corporate/church/non-profit organizational Team Coaching
When a person becomes more aware of themselves and increases their own emotional intelligence, the results are fantastic. When a group of people committed to a common vision all grow together in these ways, it is a sight to behold and a blast to be part of. In this post-pandemic world, building teams and creating attractive work environments is going to be key to organizational health and vitality. I love to help teams understand themselves and one another in ways that lead to more fulfilling experiences, constructive communication and synergized productivity. I offer a number of options from half day presentations to full on retreats and long-term maintenance systems.
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Couples Discovery Session
Very similar to the Individual Discovery session, a married or engaged couple can Discover their Enneagram type and get an overview of the Enneagram together - enhancing their understanding of one another.
Couples Explore Sessions
Similar to the Individual Explore sessions above, I will coach a couple through the proven Explore series together, developing new insights about and language for growing their relationship beyond where it has ever been before.
Public Speaking
As a pastor/teacher for 30+ years, I have spent decades developing my ability to engage audiences in messaging that is vital to their growth as a person. I would love the opportunity to come and empower and encourage your people through a presentation about the powerful tool of the Enneagram and/or basic but profound principles for growth and health in relationships.
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