Melissa Corkum


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Where the Enneagram meets faith and neuroscience to provide tools for transformation.

With experience as an author, speaker, and coach, Melissa combines the Enneagram with spiritual practices and neuroscience to help individuals and organizations be the best versions of themselves and experience deep transformation.

She co-authored Reclaim Compassion: The Adoptive Parent’s Guide to Overcoming Blocked Care with Neuroscience and Faith and co-founded Adoption Wise which provides compassionate care for discouraged adoptive families.

She and her husband, Patrick, have six kids by birth and adoption and two grandchildren. They’ve taught her a lot about what creates thriving relationships…and what doesn’t.


“Being in a room with other adult adoptees was life-giving for me. Seeing pieces of my adoption story and the relationships within it through the lens of the Enneagram brought me new insights.” ~Jennifer, Type 2

“It’s been really helpful to gain a deeper understanding of the Enneagram — as a lens through which to consider the ways being adopted has affected me, and, in turn, the ways my number has affected the way I’ve understood/reacted to life as an adoptee. I’ve appreciated Melissa’s Enneagram experience and wisdom. She’s savvy on all of the numbers and adept at asking prompting questions that spur good reflection and conversation.” ~Sara, Type 4

“Melissa helped me learn to connect with others more efficiently.” ~Christina, Type 8



Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner