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Lynette Lynn

Understanding yourself and others through the lens of the enneagram.


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 8

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With over 25 years working on a church staff as a director and pastor and 20 years working in the mental health field as a nurse I bring to the table a unique passion and understanding for the ministry world and a desire to help others find healing mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Hi, I’m Lynette, and I’m passionate about helping people apply the powerful principles of the Enneagram to every aspect of their life. My mission is to guide and coach individuals, teams, parents and couples as they discover who they are, become empowered to be their best, and fulfill God’s specific plans and purposes for them in each of their roles in life.

The Enneagram has been such a gift in my own life. As a Type 8, I have always been persistent, challenging, ready and willing to fight for what I feel is right and to speak up for those who have no voice. It’s driven me to spend my life in service and ministry, standing up for injustice, speaking up when others wanted me to stay quiet, and protecting the weak and marginalized. Yet I also struggled to navigate through the resistance from culture or others, and I always felt like I was hitting the same walls, often feeling defeated, stuck and ready to quit.

Enter the Enneagram. When I read the description of my Type, it put words to what I’d been feeling for much of my life. I had an insatiable appetite to read and listen to everything I could about the Enneagram and its principles. I finally had language to describe those feelings, but now had the insight, permission and tools to steer myself toward a better path.

As an Enneagram Coach, I’m passionate about teaching people how to better understand themselves, their strengths, weaknesses, triggers, fears and other motivations. I feel a personal calling to share Enneagram insights, and teach others how to use this powerful tool to walk in freedom and fullness of life, despite their past history or current circumstances.

If you’re ready to discover who you were designed to be in your life, work and relationships, it would be my privilege to walk alongside you on the journey.


Certified Enneagram Coach

Certified EIP Coach


If you are brand new to the Enneagram or you've been trying to figure out your Type for awhile this option is for you. This 90 minute session will include a typing interview to help you in your journey to DISCOVER your Enneagram Type.
In these 90 minute sessions we will dive into your Type. We will set goals for your coaching sessions, discuss stress and growth points. We will also dig deep in discussing your wings, triad, level of development, childhood patterns, defense mechanisms and communication patterns.
These sessions are intended to go deeper in the areas you want to grow and develop now that you understand your type! We will work on specific areas of growth (relationships, triggers, stress and pain points) in order for you to become the YOU that you were created to be!
Do you feel like they just don’t get you? That's because they probably don’t! Relationship struggles often come because we see things through a completely different lens than those we love. In "Discover Together: Couples" in our 90 minute sessions we will explore person's type, the struggles and strengths as well as the dynamics between the types. This will enable you to discover how God created each of you to see and interact with the world.
This will help groups looking for deeper understanding of each team member type and the gifts they bring to the team. Communication, pet peeves and conflict styles of each type will be discussed. Includes workbooks and material.
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Designed to meet your groups needs, content is fully customizable. Perfect for offsite team building, staff retreats, and any group looking to grow together.
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Do you feel like they just don’t get you? That's because they probably don’t! Family struggles often come because we see things through a completely different lens than those we love. In our 90 minute session you will discover how God created each of you to see and interact with the world and how to improve your communications.

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Lynette hosted a coaching session for our team and it was wonderful. The information was very insightful, and Lynette put a lot of work into being prepared for the session to ensure we got the most out of our time. I would gladly use her again in the future!   KENDYL – TYPE 1- AMAZON WORKFORCE

Lynette was recommended by a friend and I couldn’t be more grateful. I recently took one of my teams from work on a personal and leadership development retreat. Lynette provided a clear introduction to the Enneagram, but the real magic happened as the team began to dialogue, discovering themselves, and discovering who was on the team with them. I cannot recommend Lynette highly enough. My team will benefit from our time with her for a long time to come. HYLKE- TYPE 8- DISCOVERY CHURCH

With over twenty-five years of leadership coaching experience, Certified Enneagram Instructor, Lynette Lynn, has developed a highly interactive training that is a solid investment for staff enrichment and team building. For corporate, ministry, and business environments, understanding one’s personal, co-worker, and direct report’s Enneagram framework will greatly enrich the workplace culture and productivity. In addition to the workplace, my wife and I did the enrichment together as well, which has added to our deeper understanding of one another’s unique harmony as a married couple.”


My wife and I were looking for a way to invest in our marriage, have some fun , and also learn more about Enneagram. Working with Lynette over several months with one of her couples packages truly exceeded our expectations. She was invested in us and it showed in her preparation for each session, the homework that she gave us, and especially during our sessions. I highly recommend working with Lynette at Enneagram Coaching Solutions. ERIC TYPE 4

Lynette was instrumental in helping me determine my type, something I was having trouble with for a while. With COVID, our session was via Zoom but her caring, thoughtful approach came through even with a remote session. I would highly recommend Lynette and Enneagram Coaching Solutions. STEPHANIE- TYPE 7

I hired Lynette as our Enneagram coach for a team offsite last week, and we had a blast with her! Lynette was thorough, responsive, personable, and extremely professional. She printed some handouts and even gifted everyone a journal for the workshop. Enneagram was new to most of the team, and everyone learned a ton from Lynette and had some really meaningful takeaways. Lynette did a great job leading the workshop, helping the team of 13 stayed engaged the entire 4-hour workshop, and facilitating great conversations and discussions. If you value team development and want to enhance your team dynamics by helping them learn more about themselves and see from the lens of others, I highly recommend you hire Lynette as a coach. Thank you, Lynette!  ROXANNE TYPE 2- RELATIVITY SPACE

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