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Lisa Winbolt

I help Mamas, business owners, & teams tap into their personality strengths, manage stress and live more balanced, joyful lives.


Business, Free Consultation, Team Building, and Women

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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 7

More about Lisa Winbolt

Are you tired of the conflict with your loved ones and feeling stuck? Maybe you’ve just lost yourself in motherhood and no longer have dreams or passions outside of your home? Or are you living in a state of overwhelm and stress and don’t know how to change?

I believe that you can live a more joy-filled, balanced life by understanding your unique personality and strengths through the Enneagram.


You’re invited to come and learn with me about how to transform your mindset, level of stress, relationships and business through personalized Enneagram Coaching! I offer one-on-one, 5 week coaching packages, team and retreat coaching, as well as recorded courses, to help you uncover your core motivations.  As you learn to dive deeper into why you think, feel and behave the way you do I’ll help you to recognize the areas where you need to grow so you can begin your journey of  living in your healthiest path.

We were created to live abundant lives
and I believe understanding your core personality is the missing key to unlocking the balance, and peace you long for within  yourself and with others.

What are you waiting for, friend? Let’s jump on a free 20 minute clarity call to help you decide which of my programs best fits you and your needs!

Fun facts about me:

* I’m a former elementary school teacher turned homeschool mama of 4.

* My passion is connecting women into community and helping them uncover their strengths!

* I love being an Army Chaplain wife, and we’ve been married for 20 years!

* My hubby and I met in Tijuana, Mexico where we built houses for a year.

* I am a lover of Jesus, coffee, the beach and all things aqua!


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YEC Certified Coach

Masters in Education


Let’s jump on a free 20 minute clarity call to see how Enneagram life coaching can help you!
: Discover your Enneagram Core type
Uncover your Core Enneagram type through understanding all 9 Core types and your Center of Intelligence. 1 Hour Zoom call with study guide.
EXPERIENCE: Five, 50 minute weekly Zoom calls
Each week we will examine different elements of your type including: your paths, wings, subtypes, childhood messages, levels of alignment, and relationship & conflict styles in order to go deeper and help you to experience a life in alignment with God and others . *Pay in full and receive 10% off. Payment plans available. Military discount: 50% off through 8/22
ENRICH: Month to Month Enneagram Life Coaching
We will work together to create a coaching program based on your desired areas of growth such as your mindset, relationships and business. This is the next step in your coaching to encourage you on your journey after completing “Experience” coaching or if you are confident that you already know your Core type. Each 50 minute weekly session will include a study guide & journal prompts. *Pay in full to receive 10% off. Payment plans also available.
Sessions can be tailored to your group or team with topics including, but not limited to: the Enneagram 101 (discovering your core type), the stress and growth paths of each type, the wings, conflict coping styles, how each type reacts to conflict and how to relate to and affirm each type. Study guides and journal prompts included.
Contact for Price
Three Options: The Enneagram 101 ( narrow down your core type in just 45 minutes)The $24.99 Enneagram & You: Four, 30 minute sessions with a study guide, to help you learn all about your Enneagram type.$179 Understanding Yourself & Others Through the Enneagram: Eight, 30 minute sessions with a study guide.$197 Contact me for the link to enroll and for further details.
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“Lisa is a passionate and knowledgeable coach. It is clear she cares about her clients, and is well informed on the subject matter. Learning about the Enneagram and how it applies to my life and daily interactions has been so helpful for me. It has been so useful in determining what makes me tick and how I can relate this to my relationships with others, and the results have been so impactful.. Lisa is enthusiastic and compassionate, and I would highly recommend her as a coach and mentor.”


“I have loved coaching with Lisa. Her wisdom and insight have been invaluable in helping me understand my personality, how God made me and how to live in healthy choices. Lisa listens so well and provides incredible insight into life circumstances. The tools I’ve gained from her coaching have been life giving!”


“Working with Lisa was a wonderful experience. She helped me figure out my type. When I’ve taken tests before, I didn’t feel like the type matched who I was. Going through the coaching sessions helped me to see my core desires and fears. I am excited to continue to learn more about the Enneagram. Lisa is a very caring person and so easy to work with. I would highly recommend her as your Enneagram coach. ”

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