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Lisa Hitzel

Your past, your pains, your patterns, and your programming don’t get the last word in creating your life or defining your relationships.

Owner www.lisahitzel.com


Endorsed EIP Coach, Endorsed M&F Coach, Leadership Development, Marriage, Parenting, Team Building, and Women

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 9

More about Lisa Hitzel

Hello beautiful soul. I’m glad you stopped by my page because finding the right coach is one of the most important steps you can take in your Enneagram experience. As you explore different coaches, here is what I would want you to know about me…

Over the past 25 years God has used my time as a Pastors wife at Saddleback Church (www.Saddleback.com with Rick Warren author of the “Purpose Driven Life”) and now at one of the most recognized multi-ethnic churches in America, Fellowship (www.madeforfellowship.com) to walk alongside of numerous people. That experience combined with my talents allows me to uniquely journey with people as they explore deeper levels of self-awareness. This self-awareness leads to clarity, getting unstuck, discovering unhealthy patterns, and taking the next step towards your dreams and goals. Raising neurodiverse twins and thriving after a dark season of PTSD allows me to relate to people who are doing hard things or are in hard places.

I genuinely care for people and love celebrating personal life transformation with anyone I work with. If the best fit for you is being in a safe, judgement-free space with an empathic listener who will ask you the right questions at the right time, we would be a great match. Schedule your free consultation here:https://calendly.com/lisahitzel/30min

I live in Los Angeles with my family and a spoiled chocolate Labradoodle! I enjoy chilling and laughing with family and friends, love wine tasting and baking, enjoy passing time reading, and feel restored by being in nature.


Certified Enneagram Coach
Certified Enneagram Internal Profile Coach (EIP)
Certified Marriage and Family Enneagram Coach (M&F)
Certified Life Coach
Certified great wife, mom, and friend


Discovery Session
In this 30 minute free consultation we will talk about your dreams and goals, answer any questions you may have, and explore if partnering together would maximize your coaching experience.
See www.lisahitzel.com for my unique offerings

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I wish I had heard of the Enneagram a decade ago. I’d encourage anyone who is curious about it ,not to wait to reach out to Lisa.  -Sue, Type 2

Lisa is an amazing Enneagram Coach! She has a way of guiding you through the complexities  of the Enneagram in a personal and easily understood way, and how to apply it in your everyday life. I’ve experienced so much positive change and growth with Lisa as my Coach. -Ethan, Type 9

When it comes to our most important discoveries about ourselves and our relationships, those insights are often only as deep as the guide who got us there. Lisa is the finest guide I know. She has taken me to depths I could have never reached on my own, and she did it with a rare mix of empathy, tenacity, and genuine excitement about what we would uncover together. -Scott, Type 3

Lisa is friendly, easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the Enneagram. She helped me learn more about who God created me to be, as well as noticing and calling out more than I saw myself. Spending time with Lisa in the sacred space of Enneagram coaching was so insightful and truly a joy. – Renee, Type 5

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