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Kim Damon

I help empty-nester moms create an empowered relationship with their adult children so that they can feel connected and included.


Parenting and Women

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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 4

More about Kim Damon

My name is Kim Damon and I’m the founder of Worthy Moms, Midlife Discoveries. I’m a certified life and Enneagram coach (4w5). God’s calling and my passion lead me to helping empty nester moms create an empowered relationship with their adult children so that they can feel connected and thrive in midlife.

I am married with a wonderful blended family of 2 grown children, 2 grown step-kids, 4 in-law kids and 9 grandkids.

My husband, Mike, and I live in a small community in Nebraska.

After working in Corporate for most of my career, I decided that helping other moms thrive was my calling. Now, let’s dive in to Worthy Moms!

Kim Damon


Certified Life and Enneagram Coach


Worthy Moms Membership
Amazing self paced sessions with weekly videos and workbooks for Moms of Adult Children
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“The Worthy Mom’s Membership helped me see my actions and intent thru the eyes of my Adult Children. I had to accept that my parenting days were over (especially since they are in their 40’s and raising their own kids). While I thought my constant voluntary suggestions on how to do things better or differently (from raising kids to cutting melons) would be helpful, they perceived it as critical and judgmental. I had to learn to let go, distance myself and let them make their own decisions… which for me was a challenge since we all live in same home. The amount of content provided in the membership area, is beyond extensive, and the Community is supportive. Kim has thought of every imaginable topic related to interactions with adults and personal development. Be prepared to do some deep soul searching but you will come away a better Mom and a better person.” V.P.

“I’ve learned that I always have a choice to decide how I want to think and how I want to feel. I don’t have to take my minds first instinctive chatter.” S. L.

I had to learn how to manage my emotions, letting loose of seeking them to make me happy . I had to learn how to find the root of what was causing my reaction – because until I did that – I was going to have relationship issues. I also had to learn that the only person’s reactions I could control was my own. In doing so, I’ve become more at peace, more effective in my communications and with my relationships with my children.” D.H.

“I needed to pay attention to my pain in order to heal. I wanted to change the way I felt. Letting go of the guilt I was feeling is what made all the difference.” H.K.

“I was in a dark sad place before going through Kim’s coaching process. I questioned whether I had been a good enough mother… I felt hopeless about the situation. The program helped me to see things from another perspective so I could come to a healthier self nurturing conclusion. It’s a great feeling to let go of trying to control other people and to realize I get to choose how I think and feel about a situation or relationship.” C.A.

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