We all desire to be seen, known, & understood. I use the tool of the Enneagram to help you form more authentic relationships with yourself, God & those closest to you so you can live a life of freedom and deeper connection.

Hi there! I’m Kelsey! I’m a Licensed therapist & Enneagram Relationally Focused Coach who is so deeply energized by helping others understand themselves, God and others on a more connected, curious and compassionate level.

I believe God has wired within all of us the abilities to break free from the cycles that are keeping us stuck.

I also believe in the power of a safe, trusting person you feel connected to walking alongside us on the journey and help us understand our unique story and where we feel stuck but desire more freedom.

That’s where I come in.

Here’s a few things about me, and maybe we have some things in common!

I am a wife, mama of 2 kiddos, lover of a good book, cozy coffee shop (especially if it comes with a strong triple espresso with caramel sauce and oat milk), close trusted friendships, funny movies, being at the beach, and deep conversation.

As a Type 2 and in my therapy practice for the past 10+ years, I’ve always been drawn to understanding people and am energized by seeing people experience growth in their lives, especially when I get to be a part of it. I have always been drawn to attachment, communication techniques, how to become more mindful and aware, and human beings in general.

When I was introduced to the Enneagram by a friend, I felt like someone had been looking in on my life or reading my journals.
I felt so seen, understood, and desired to know more about this tool. It radically changed the way I understand myself, God, and the relationships closest to me. It has been one of the most transformative tools God has used in my life to help me experience more freedom in my life. Working with my own coach after this introduction to Enneagram helped me understand my type, explore places in my life I was repeating the same patterns, allowed me to invest more deeply in myself, and also walk away with clarity as to how to continue the path I desired to grow on in my life.

This is where my passion for coaching through the lens of the Enneagram came in. As a helper type, it is such a passion of mine to share with others the tools that have changed me so that they too can experience the freedom God desires for them to have as well as deeper connections to themselves, to each other, and to the Lord.

I want you to know that at any moment in your life (and maybe that moment is today for you) you can create a new reality, because God is constantly at work in you. Your current struggles you’re walking through don’t have to be final story.

I KNOW you can and want to experience greater freedom in your life & in your relationships by connecting more deeply with yourself, God & others and I’d be honored and excited to be a part of the journey with you.


“The thing that stands out most about working with Kelsey is just how compassionate and real she is. You’ll be equal parts laughing and crying and being supported and challenged. I feel so encouraged after talking with Kelsey that I can accomplish what I want to and also the comfort when things aren’t right. You need Kelsey in your life.” – Erin, Type 1

“Kelsey has a way of communicating that is unlike many others. You find yourself coming to resolutions you didn’t know you had inside of you, which is the key. She is does this by how she listens, poises questions, and leads you down a journey of self discovery. Every conversation I have with Kelsey is something I treasure. I am so grateful to have her in my corner.”- Amanda, Type 2

“Kelsey is wise, intuitive, and attuned to herself in a way that can illicit profound change in others. I feel blessed to have Kelsey as a resource for my clients.” – Emily, Type 9

Hybrid, Virtual, In-Person
Individual, Group, Couple
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Masters in Counseling Psychology
Certified Enneagram Coach