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Kelsey Hodge

You are worth it! I have been EQUIPPED by the Holy Spirit to guide women through pain points, marriage hurts, anxiety, ADHD struggles, betrayal and addiction using the enneagram. Also, to give you a laugh in the process!


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 7

More about Kelsey Hodge

Hi! I’m Kelsey!

I am a certified Enneagram Coach, an eternally grateful daughter of Christ, wife, mom to fraternal twin girls, NICU mama, originally from Chicagoland, currently residing in Charlotte North Carolina, and recovered/recovering from CPTSD. My testimony is what gives me credibility in being a coach. I do not have any fancy degrees or previous careers. I have a story that God is using to bring other’s to the arms of Jesus. The Holy Spirit gave me the assignment to pass on this blessing. I enthusiastically accepted. THAT is WHY I chose this path. So, here I am!

I had lost myself throughout my teenage and adult life. School was a polarizing environment for me. Learning was difficult. I fell in love way too young and made numerous poor decisions relationally. I experienced heartache and betrayal in many relationships. I married at the age of 22 and soon discovered my husband had a serious and deep rooted addiction just 3 months in to my new marriage.

In 2014, my best friend since middle school, introduced me to the Enneagram. I was immediately intrigued. I’ve always been interested in personality tests/theories, but the Enneagram stood out by far the most out of everything I has researched. I took an online assessment and I was typed as a 6. I resignated with this outcome, but it didn’t fully fit. Now, in hindsight, I know I had been mistyped!

In 2019, 5 YEARS from first experiencing the Enneagram, I has gained 75 pounds from avoiding all my trauma and pain with unhealthy patterns. I was diagnosed with ADHD and realized that a lot (but not all) of my struggles in confidence, anxiety, and learning was related to that. Around the same time another close friend of mine, said: “Kels, I really think you are a 7.” I felt compelled to pray on her perspective. God answered me quickly saying: “My joyous daughter, you have been living in the darkness of how I have created you. You were created to bring joy and light INTO darkness. You bring laughter and ease. Yes, you are a 7”. I fell to the floor.

In 2020, I joined a gym, began therapy and I have lost 80 pounds in 18 months! 

So, given my story, I want to help other’s find the freedom God can give with the Enneagram WITHOUT the delay I experienced. If I had a coach, I know I would have experienced a lot less hurt and pain.

I will provide the following as your coach

  • Loving ears to listen and validate your story, hurts, hang ups, anger and fears
  • Provide self awareness that will benefit all aspects of your life
  • A guide to finding your type so you and utilize God’s unique gifts He gave you
  • Help you find a way to communicate with confidence because of your new self awareness
  • THE BIGGEST ONE: Help you prioritize YOU so you can live out God’s assignment He has given to you!  

YEC Certified Enneagram Coach


30-Minute Free Consultation
Want to know what Enneagram coaching is all about? In this free consultation, as a YEC certified coach, I will inform you about the YEC's three-step coaching process that I will be using as a coach. The name of the steps Discover, Explore, and Becoming you. This session is a perfect time to get to know each other a little bit, answer any questions about how I can specifically help you grow using the transformative tool of the Enneagram from a Christ-centered perspective, and to determine if we would work well together to help you make the right decision for your needs. No pressure!
90-Minute Discovering You Session
In this session, I will help you discover your main Enneagram type, address any mistypes, and give an overview of the Enneagram. This is a crucial step in your transformative journey. Prior to this session, I will ask you to take an assesment to help narrow down the top few potential types you might be. I will guide you to ACCURATELY determine your correct type. Since this is so important, I will spend 90 minutes with you so you feel secure and equipped to dive deep into who God created you to be.
Exploring You Pack (5 one hour sessions)
With the completion of the Discovering You Session, you will now have securely determined your main type. These sessions get to the “meat” of how the Enneagram can help you grow in all areas of your life. In this series of 5 sessions, we will dig deep into who God created you to be. We will work on specific areas of needed growth (pain points, unhealthy patterns, childhood wounds and relationships). Addiotionally, we will look at the strengths of your type and the unique idiosyncrasies YOU can bring to people you love! I will provide customized guide sheets for each session. These will ensure that the content will be mentally/emotionally digestible and not overwhelming. This is where God’s power is really shown! Payment plans can be arranged if payment in full is not an option. Please let me know!
Becoming You (1 hour per session)
After the completion of your Exploring You sessions, I can help guide you to using the richness of knowledge you learned into your everyday life. Unlimited sessions determined by the client.

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