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Kathy Hollimon

My mission is to assist people with gaining fresh insight into themselves though the Enneagram, understanding their thought lives and getting in touch with their inner wisdom. I will be your partner on the path to move forward and live a transformed life.


Career, College, Diversity Awareness, Free Consultation, Leadership Development, Parenting, Team Building, Wellness, and Women

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 6

More about Kathy Hollimon

Welcome! My name is Kathy Hollimon and I am so glad you are taking time to investigate investing in yourself. It is my joy to help people find their Enneagram number so they are able to better understand themselves and how they navigate the world. Few things get me more excited than seeing people have breakthroughs, overcome challenges, gain insights and reach goals.

My own successful experience being coached inspired me to pursue training so I could share the amazing experience and results with others. I hold a Master’s Degree in Human Development as well as certifications as a life coach, professional coach, NLP practitioner and Enneagram coach. I also have over 30 years of experience as a behavior specialist navigating challenging situations where behaviors and reactions were interfering with the client’s ability to access their environments, relationships and potential.

I enjoy individual and group coaching, leading workshops, and facilitating with couples and small groups who are working toward common goals. In my free time I love watching movies, eating, reading and spending time with my friends and family. I would love the opportunity to help you better understand yourself and live the life you were created to live.


Masters in Human Development, Certified Enneagram Coach, Certified Life Coach, Certified Professional Coach. International Coaching Federation ACC Certification, Certified NLP Practitioner


Free 30-minute Introductory Session
Want to know if and how coaching will work for you? Let’s set up a call and explore your needs and goals, and get any questions you have answered!
Enneagram Typing Session – 60 minutes
This session will help you accurately identify your type by exploring core motivations, fears and desires through clarifying questions and conversation. Starting with your top types on an Enneagram test, we will work together so you can gain clarity and find the number that resonates with you deeply.
Discovery Package - 5 Sessions
This 5-session package investigates your number in depth and the way its characteristics manifest themselves in your life. You will better understand all of the aspects of your number and yourself by working though Enneagram structures such as wings, triads and growth paths, as well as diving deeper into motivations, defense mechanisms and relationship issues. We will systematically explore your number through customized guide sheets and coaching conversations. You will find the unique ways you can access the best parts of your number and recognize warning signs when you are going off track. ($50 discount)
Individual Coaching sessions – 1 hour
Want some help getting clarity on a decision, setting a goal, mapping a plan or understanding the way your Enneagram number is impacting a particular area or situation in your life? Then a single coaching session may be right for you.
Life Coaching Package – 6 sessions
Designed to help you clear space, reflect and evaluate in order to craft the life you were created to live. This is helpful when you have lost touch with balance, need assistance creating and achieving goals and/or want to create new healthy patterns. Life coaching will help you: • Clarify your priorities, values, personal boundaries and things that are standing in your way. • Isolate areas where you lack satisfaction and create goals and steps to increase your fulfillment based on your true values, passions, spirituality and essence. • Break negative patterns and establish new healthy ones by identifying choices you can make to navigate challenges, communicate your needs and achieve transformation. Packages are a discounted rate. * Inquire about 30-minute package options
Transition Coaching Package – 4 sessions
Designed for people in life transitions to navigate them with more confidence and clarity. This can be a transition in life stage (ex. Work to retirement, college to workforce, parent to empty nester), or transition of circumstance (ex. move, job change) This helps if you need to: • Clarify what you want to take forward in your next season of life and identify opportunities found in transition times. • Recognize things you want to leave behind, let go, or unlearn and discover how you want to feel. • Generate a compelling vision for your next phase and identify steps to create it. Packages are a discounted rate * Inquire about 30-minute package options
Group Coaching and Workshops
Workshops and groups occur throughout the year and take place both online and in person. They range from 1 to 5-hour stand-alone workshops to 6-week series that take a group coaching approach. They cover a variety of topics such as: - Understanding the Enneagram - Effective Strategies for Dealing with Stress - Mindset: Reframing your thinking - Presence and Productivity - Life Purpose: Getting in touch with your Passion, Purpose and Meaning You can explore workshops in the following ways: o Sign up for the mailing list for invitations to upcoming workshops and groups. o Contact me if you would like a workshop designed for your group.

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Under Kathy’s coaching I learned to be honest with myself-which is no small feat after years of hiding my truths. After our sessions a weight was lifted which gave me the ability to move forward with my personal goals.
T.J. – Type 7

Coaching with Kathy was particularly helpful for me during the pandemic because this season is so overwhelming. She taught me how to come up with a bite-sized goal and move forward. She helped me get unstuck.
L. L. – Type 1

Being in a group under Kathy’s leadership helped me feel more validated and confident in the choices I make. I have learned to be more mindful, intentional, and gentle to myself because of the group. I highly recommend Kathy’s services to anyone navigating confusion, uncertainty, or just plain in need of encouragement. You will be uplifted by being with Kathy!
A.B – Type 1

Coaching with Kathy has shown me the amazing benefits of working with a well-trained life coach. She loves working with clients, which is immediately evident in the passion and enthusiasm she brings to each session. She is compassionate, empathetic, and creative in her approach and doesn’t tell clients how to proceed, but asks insightful questions so as to encourage clients to access their own inner wisdom.
Her years of experience in coaching and her work around the Enneagram provide a powerful blend of skills, as Kathy tailors a specific approach that is unique to each client based on their Enneagram profile. I felt deeply listened to as a client, and after every session I walked away with a new insight or action plan for making progress in a specific area within my life. Kathy is insightful and always provides me with clarity and tools in order to feel successful. I benefited greatly from my time with her and would (and have) recommended to her anyone!
TNK – Type 2

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