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Karissa Harrison

Most leaders are motivated to experience on-going personal and professional growth, but they struggle to create a plan that actually works. I help leaders execute a custom plan that works so well, everyone around them sees the results!


Business, Executive Training, Free Consultation, HR Development, Leadership Development, Ministry, Non-Profit, Pastoral Leadership, Team Building, and Women

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 3

More about Karissa Harrison

Hello Friends! As a certified Enneagram coach and Executive Pastor, I am passionate about helping you experience the the kind of personal and professional growth that transforms your life and relationships. I believe that everyone is capable of growing and changing, but I also know that sometimes we feel kind of stuck, frustrated and exhausted. I am grateful for a client roster that includes entrepreneurs, executives, teachers, small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.

When we work together, you can move from:

  • People-pleasing to setting healthy boundaries
  • Micro-managing and controlling to delegation that builds trust and freedom
  • Playing it safe to owning your voice, passion and dreams
  • Withdrawing to building satisfying connections
  • Analysis paralysis to strategic and effective action
  • Imposter syndrome to authentic confidence that inspires others

Change is hard, but I’ve learned that when we combine the wisdom of the Enneagram framework with an intentional action plan, we can all experience incredible growth. Whether we work together 1:1, with your team at a workshop, or in a group coaching setting, I’ll guide you through a proven process that delivers real results.


Certified Enneagram Coach, Pastor, B.S. Organizational Leadership.


30-Minute Private Coaching Consultation
Let's chat through your coaching goals, Enneagram Type and my 3-phase coaching process so that you can make the right decision for your needs. Investment starts at $447 for a 90 minute strategy session or $1797 for a 6 session coaching package.
30-Minute Corporate Consulting Discovery Call
Are you looking to build more trust, connection and synergy on your team? Let's jump on a discovery call and talk about your team, your goals, and how an Enneagram workshop can bring value to your team and organization. Investment options begin at $1997.

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“Now that I’m learning how the Enneagram works and how it impacts every single facet of my life and business, I’m hooked. I just signed up for the next phase of coaching with Karissa to go deeper into the impact on my personal life…I can’t wait to continue to uncover my strengths, explore my blind spots and how to become a healthier version of myself – both personally and for my clients!” -Melissa Froehlich/Business Strategist/Type 6

“Karissa’s Enneagram approach not only identified my Type, but helped create a plan for personal and spiritual well-being…working with Karissa brings effective, thorough, and balanced insights that provide clarity as to how my individual Type impacts my personal life, leadership competencies and spiritual awareness. The time invested can only make you better!” -Ron Baum/Executive Pastor/Type 6

“You have helped me identify and work on blind spots I’ve tried to get to for years. Your gentleness is matched by your insight and BOTH are so needed. You gave me words for my feelings and experiences. Some of the thoughts you gave me echo in my mind VERBATIM and will stay with me as long as I live…You are intuitive and deeply understanding and I will never forget the gift you’ve given me these past 9 weeks.” -Barbara/Executive Director/Type 2

“Prior to working with Karissa, I took a few tests and did some reading, but I had no idea how deep the Enneagram goes…with Karissa’s help I now have a firm understanding of who I am and how I show up in relationships at my best and at my worst. There is still so much to learn, but I knew I was on the right path when I saw the expression of others when I did not react in a way they were expecting…I’ve already invited Karissa to come and work with our leadership team.” -Stefani Laszko/CEO/Type 8

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