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Justine Layser

Inspire. Influence. Impact.Leadership & Communication Strategies through the Enneagram for the Inspired Leader


Business, Career, Leadership Development, Wellness, and Women

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 8

More about Justine Layser

As a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer, coach, dual certified Enneagram coach and DISC Assessment profiler, I am here to show you how to tap into exceptional leadership.

Maybe you have seen the enneagram on your social media or read a book about it. Perhaps you have tried to figure out which type or wing you are. Maybe you haven’t seen any change in yourself after studying and reading.

I’m here to help! Let’s dig deep into the enneagram to learn impactful ways to strengthen personal, as well as professional relationships and get you the results that you have been looking for!

Using communication & leadership strategies from the enneagram, we will discover why you think, feel and behave in particular ways based upon your core fears and core desires. You will also learn how you can use your strengths to tap into your highest calling as you step into the role of a leader in your home, business, church, & workplace.


John Maxwell Certified Speaker, Trainer, Coach, BEC Enneagram Coaching Certification, Cloverleaf Enneagram Coaching Certification, BS ED Spanish / French, M.A. Spanish


Basic Enneagram Strategy Session
Meet with Justine 1:1 via zoom for 60 minutes for an overview of structure, theory and basics. Dive into YOUR type & growth practices, communication and conflict resolution tips for your type along with an overview of your intelligence center (triad)
Dig Deeper Enneagram Package
The Basic Session + Dig Deeper Session In this second session meet with Justine for 60 minutes to put the enneagram results and character mapping from session #1 into action. You will receive growth paths for all nine types and deep knowledge & practical tools for each type and how you can best work with each type.
Deep Dive Enneagram Package
The Basic Session + Dig Deeper Session + Deep Dive Session In this third session, meet with Justine for 60 minutes and dive deeper into the enneagram and team dynamics. · Understand how your Enneagram type shows up in the workplace, your organization or relationships. Uncover effective ways to communicate and resolve conflict based on your Enneagram type, how to best interact with other Enneagram types in groups, gain skills on how to give and receive feedback based on your type and discover how to use the Enneagram to create a high-performing team or build a strong relationship. $350 + tax You pay ONLY $297 + tax when you purchase the Deep Dive Enneagram Package (Sessions 1-3)!!
Becoming Your Truest Self(Free)
Not Available

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Mary: ” …what these sessions with Justine did for me was to open my eyes to the fact that what I thought were negatives about myself where in all actuality strengths, and by understanding these strengths and using them to my advantage, I could become a well-rounded leader and a better person.”

Lorah: ” I know without a doubt that what I learned about myself and how to communicate with others will help me going forward in my relationships, in my brick and mortar business and especially in my network marketing business.”

Amanda: “This is by far the best coaching session I’ve ever had! I learned so much about myself through the Enneagram, and it was so accurate!”

Nicole: “Justine is very helpful and understanding throughout the entire session. She was very informative with every description given and explained how I would be able to use my strengths, and how to work through my “weaknesses” to help me through life, and situations.”

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