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Jessie Karst

My mission is to help you see how God created you, believe in your identity in Christ, and experience life transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit by using a Gospel-centered approach to the Enneagram.


College, Free Consultation, Ministry, Non-Profit, and Team Building

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 5

More about Jessie Karst

I was introduced to the Enneagram in 2015, and I was amazed at how much clarity it brought to my life. It offered me language to better express myself in my relationships, it helped me have more compassion for others, and it gave me a deeper understanding of how Christ created me.

I have a passion for helping young adults discover who they are and who they were created to be. Being a young adult myself, I know how often we struggle with these questions: “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” “What is God’s calling for me?” I’ve found the Enneagram to be a helpful tool in helping me answer these questions, and I hope it will do the same for you.

I strongly believe that the more we believe and rest in our identity in Christ, the more we grow in our relationships with ourselves, others, and God. My heart as a coach is to provide a safe and encouraging space for you where you can explore how God created you and who He is calling you to become. My hope is that in doing so, you will become rooted and grounded in your faith and experience the full measure of God at work in your life (Ephesians 3:14-21).

I have completed Your Enneagram Coach’s training to become a Certified Enneagram Coach, and I studied Bible and leadership at Manhattan Christian College (Manhattan, KS), both of which have been valuable in learning how to use the Enneagram as a compass to point others to the Truth of the Gospel.

When I’m not coaching, I’m working as an administrative assistant at Tonto Rim Christian Camp, where I love working with a ministry-minded team. I have been married to my best friend, Eli, for five years. In my free time, I enjoy reading both fiction and nonfiction novels, dabbling in nature photography, and exploring Arizona’s “Rim Country.”


Certified Enneagram Coach, B.S. in Bible & Leadership


20-Minute Consultation
Your coach will inform you of the coaching process so you can make the right decisions for your needs.
Discovering You Typing Sessions
Your coach will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type.
Exploring You Coaching Sessions
There are five sessions in this series, each with a customized Guide Sheet for your main type. In these sessions, your coach will break down the tendencies of your type into bite-sized pieces, so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed. *If you are a young adult (age 18-25), please ask about my student discount.
Becoming Your Truest Self
After completing the Discovering You and Exploring You sessions, your coach will help you apply all you learned into your everyday life, focusing on the areas of your life where you want to grow most. *If you are a young adult (age 18-25), please ask about my student discount.
Small Group Enneagram Workshop
In this workshop, your coach will give your small group an overview of the 9 types and how the Enneagram can be used for growth. This workshop is designed for groups of 15 people or less.

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“Before I started Enneagram coaching with Jessie, I used the negative sides of my personality traits as excuses for failing relationships with others and with God. I found my identity in what other people thought of me, and had a very subjective view of the world. After several coaching sessions, I have realized that there is room to grow in the weaker parts of my personality, and that I am not boxed in by any means. My identity is in Christ, and when I am able to realize that, I am able to give myself more objectively and more fully to others, as well as grow in my faith.” – Lexi, Type 4

“Enneagram coaching helped me connect the dots between how my emotions and thoughts function, how I express them, and their relationship to the Gospel. I feel that I grew to understand myself and others a lot better, and I have been very blessed by it.” – Adin, Type 1

“Walking into Enneagram coaching, I honestly did not believe that a personality test would be as life changing as it was. Jessie was so utterly patient with me as I went back and forth between Type 1 and Type 6. During my typing session, she told me how a Type 6 looks after they find Christ and come to understand and know God’s love, and that is when I finally was able to say, “I am a 6.” Being a believer in Christ is a huge part of my life, and what I really loved about sessions with Jessie was that she always pointed me back to Jesus. After finishing all 5 [Exploring You] sessions,
I have learned how to love who God created me to be, I know where my identity is rooted, and I better understand myself.” – Grace, Type 6

“It felt like a light was shined into my soul. Jessie listened and guided and loved me despite all of the ugly that was exposed. She also reminded me often of the positive side of my Enneagram number and helped me to form a path to growth.” – Malia, Type 2

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