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Glenda Fitzpatrick

The journey to who you were meant to be.


Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Leadership Development, Ministry, Team Building, and Wellness

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 5

More about Glenda Fitzpatrick

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, enneagram coach and counsellor. I began my working life as a classroom teacher and have always had an interest in helping others become their best selves. This motivated me to study counselling. Soon after I graduated I began working with a local church, volunteering in their prayer centre which focussed on inner healing through prayer. In 2013 I completed training with the Arrowsmith program, a cognitive program which uses neuroplasticity to address various learning dysfunctions. My interest in neuroplasticity led me to complete a Graduate Certificate in Neuropsychotherapy in 2019. Most recently I became interested in the Enneagram and the wealth of understanding it brings to why we think, feel and act the way we do.

All of these areas of experience and learning have made me the coach and counsellor I am today. My years as a teacher have developed my ability to explain and teach gently and patiently. My experience as a prayer counsellor has opened my eyes to the spiritual aspect of healing. My counselling and coaching qualifications have given me the understanding and skills to work with individuals who are searching for something better for their lives.

I would love to journey alongside you, helping you to discover the you that you were meant to be.

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Instagram: hope_restoration_coaching


Certified Enneagram Coach (including EIP certification), Graduate Diploma of Christian Counselling, Graduate Certificate in Neuropsychotherapy, Diploma of Teaching (Primary), Prepare Enrich facilitator for premarriage and relationships.


15-30-Minute Consultation
Book a free consultation so that you can get to know me and ask any questions you have about the Enneagram coaching I offer.
Discover Your Enneagram Type
During this 50 minute session I will help guide you in discovering, or confirming, your main Enneagram Type.
Discover Who You Were Meant To Be
This coaching package is made up of five sessions with customised guidesheets designed to help you discover what motivates you to feel, think, act and interact the way you do. You will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and how to get unstuck from thought and behaviour patterns that may be holding you back. ​
Living As Who You Were Meant To Be
These individual sessions are designed to build on what you have learned during your previous sessions. We each want to live a fulfilling and happy life but it can be challenging to create a strategy that works. This stage of your coaching journey brings together all you've learned and helps you develop practical ways to live as who you were meant to be.
The Team We Were Meant To Be - Workshop
No matter how small or large, Enneagram training will give your team the gift of understanding their workplace relationships and dynamics in a new and powerful way. Workshops start from 1 hour in length and can be tailored to the unique needs of your team.
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I have been having sessions with Glenda Fitzpatrick who does Enneagram coaching and counselling. It is absolutely fascinating and I am leaning more about myself every week; what shapes me and my decisions. Turns out I am a Type 8 and that explains a lot! Highly recommend this beautiful soul.



I really enjoyed my training with Glenda! I had taken the Enneagram test before but had never completely understood how it worked. Glenda explained each type clearly and really helped our group to understand why we work the way that we do both personally and professionally. I have taken what I learned into my everyday life and found it incredibly valuable! Thank you, Glenda!



I had the opportunity to experience an Enneagram workshop with Glenda and I am so glad I did! I found it informative and encouraging. It was a releasing experience for me as I was able to begin breaking down barriers of pre-conceptions of myself. Afterwards, I felt I could begin a new direction with God in discovering who He made me to be. I am keen to find out more from Glenda! She is warm, kind, honest, approachable and professional. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your love, Glenda!


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