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Deborah Owen

Increased self-knowledge through the Enneagram means
Renewed Life + Renewed Relationships = Inside Out Transformation


Business, Career, College, Leadership Development, Marriage, Ministry, Parenting, Team Building, Wellness, Women, and Youth

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 3

More about Deborah Owen

“Is this all there is to life? Isn’t there supposed to be something more?” 

When I discovered the power of the Enneagram as a tool for personal and spiritual transformation – only by the grace of the Holy Spirit – I began to form answers to those questions about the meaning of life and the beauty of God-filled relationships. That led me to pursue multiple Enneagram certifications and experiential expertise as a disciple of Jesus.
Now I am eager to speak with you about your personal and spiritual journey, and help you find your own answers to those critical questions, and any others you may be asking.
I specialize in the intersection of discipleship and the Enneagram, but am qualified and certified to coach and consult both in religious and secular contexts.

Why would you trust me to work with you?

I was an award-winning public school library teacher for many years – researching and writing; and teaching and coaching students and staff – before getting certified in a variety of coaching modalities (see below).

In addition, I have completed a 2-year certification in Spiritual Formation through the Renovare Institute, and a 2-year certification in Spiritual Direction through the PAX Center.

I have combined my experiences as a teacher, researcher, writer/author, coach, disciple, disciplemaker, spiritual director-in-training, and Enneagram practitioner to create a truly exemplary experience for my clients.

When we work together we look at you as a whole person. You will receive strategies that none of the other coaches can offer you, because of my unique background and experience.

Here’s what to expect:

  • We’ll get on a 20-minute get-to-know-you call to see if we’ll be a good fit. 
  • If we go on to work together, we’ll commit to the next 5 sessions, so you can discover more than just your “number”. You’ll discover what unconscious motivations are creating barriers to you being your best self, and how to move past those barriers for a life full of beautiful, meaningful relationships.
  • If you would like to continue working together after that, you receive a special discount for returning clients.

I am also available to consult with:

  • your church to identify how to begin discipleship that changes lives
  • your non-profit or business or other organization to identify how personalities and individuality can be a powerful force for collaboration and success


“Meeting with Debbie about my Enneagram results was life-giving. Not only is she a compassionate listener, but her skill and research efforts make her highly effective in giving helpful (not pushy) direction toward wholeness and harmony. I came to her in a moment of great distress as I was trying to come to terms with “my number”, and I found her to be so approachable and easy to talk with. I did not feel like a project, and it was clear that she has integrated her work into her own life. This is reassuring to me!”

Julie, Type 1


–> Video testimonial from Anna Iveson is here <–


Other fun facts:

  • I am working on a book titled, Inside Out; Experiencing New Life in Christ through Integrated Discipleship. It is the only discipleship book I know of that includes the Enneagram as a tool for self-examination. I plan to publish the book in early 2022.
  • I am the Music Director at our church. My first master’s degree is in Choral Conducting – the second is in Library and Information Science – and I’ve been directing church choirs for decades. I am also a semi-professional singer in Boston, and have played violin since I was six years old. 
  • I also learned to play colonial fife (a little!) when our family participated in our town’s colonial minutemen fife and drum corps for about ten years.
  • My husband and I have been married for over 33 years. We have three grown, millennial children – two sons and a daughter – a daughter-in-law, and one toddler granddaughter. 
  • We have had a series of Flat-coated retrievers. They are amazing, fun, and funny dogs! We currently have Samson and Ketel.
  • We live in Maine (just recently moved from Massachusetts), and love to swim at the lake, hike, and ski. We love the ocean and the mountains. We look forward to being able to travel again.  We love Jesus and love to follow him!
  • Spiritual Director
  • Spiritual formation
  • Life coach
  • Parenting coach
  • Mental toughness coach
  • Strategic Intervention coach (taught by Tony Robbins’ coach trainers)
  • iEnneagram coach (using Ignatian principles and the Enneagram for discernment and spiritual formation) (Clare Loughrige)
  • Enneagram for Spiritual Directors (Doug and Adele Calhoun)
  • Teacher in the Enneagram Spectrum Method (Jerome Wagner)


20-minute "Who am I?" Enneagram Discovery Session
We will explore your goals and needs and identify your next steps. We will also determine whether we will be a good fit to work together.
Creating Life Harmony and Soul Integration (5 sessions)
Through the Harmony Enneagram (head, heart, gut) you will begin to see yourself as you were really created to be, with grace, and without the masks that cause separation and anxiety. (If necessary we can work out a payment plan.)
Creating Life Harmony and Soul Integration (2 sessions) - Continuation for returning clients
Once you go through the initial 5 sessions, this is a discounted continuation, 2 sessions at a time.
Family and Couple Harmony through the Enneagram
Private group presentation and follow-up sessions for your family (or couple) to help you understand each other - and yourselves - better. Created based on your needs. Initial meeting of 90 minutes.
For Churches: Discipleship and the Enneagram - The Integrated DISCIPLE Approach
Creating a Discipleship culture in your church, using the Harmony Enneagram. Let's talk about your needs and we'll create a consultation that serves you. Initial consultation is 90 minutes.
Enneagram Discovery and Implementation - Group presentations or workshops for your company, non-profit, or church
Discover how to get along with each other where you work and serve. Let's talk about what you need and then we'll create a program to meet those needs. (Initial consultation is 90 minutes.)

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