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Debbie Luxton

Ignited to thrive beyond your wounds. 🔥

For such a time as this, God has called you to fan into flames the spiritual gift He has given you, embrace your influence, and live God-expectant, a God-ready woman!


Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Ministry, and Women

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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 8

More about Debbie Luxton

Coach Deb’s passion is to partner with you in Christ-centered transformation. The transformation that ignites the desire for forward movement, authentic living, and courage to go boldly into the impact you were created and designed to have.

Do you feel wounded? Many women do. You CAN achieve ~

  • freedom from the lies of shame, fear, and other self-defeating beliefs
  • certainty and boldness in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries
  • renewed hope, vision, and attainment of goals
  • serenity amid the busyness, stress, and chaos of life
  • confidence and courage to go boldly where God calls you
  • transformation of the wounds that bind you

Deb is an author, coach, virtual community host, and retreat leader ~ website

  • In her transparent style, Deb shares her struggles with perfectionism, loneliness, addiction, control, and more.  She understands well why God never intended us to travel the path of transformation alone.
  • Her book, Choose to THRIVE: Conquering Your Inner Conflicts, is available at this Amazon link. Related free materials are available here – author page.
  • Coach Deb’s virtual community, Influence Multiplied, serves pastors’ wives, women called to lead, and women in long-term recovery.  –  with relative individual challenges, at our core, we share commonalities in our struggles. The community is private and safe – by design, not on social media.

Personal Notes ~

  • A personal note about leadership:
    Seems I would always find myself in yet another leadership role. I always enjoy the thrill!
    However, my “jump into action” and self-assurance often left me overloaded, unsatisfied, and downright frustrated.I was good at hiding behind the shield of getting things done and my unintentionally intimidating style. I felt like a jack of all trades and a master at none. I often thought, “Why does God think I can handle so much?” Discovering my Type, 8 answered a lot of questions! Leaning into my Type 8 relieved a ton of pressure.
    Hiding my vulnerabilities kept me stuck as a leader. Keeping a “safe distance” stifled my ability to thrive.  It took years to fully embrace who God created me to be – a woman of influence.I hope you find encouragement in my vulnerability.  I love helping women gain clarity and freedom in their struggles, know the woman God created them to be, and own the influence He made and designed them to have. Your story matters.

“Leadership is influence.” ~ John Maxwell

Who knows? Maybe you were made queen for just such a time as this. ~ Esther 4:14 (MSG)

  • A personal note about the Enneagram:
    I believe the Enneagram is a fantastic tool for soul growth and care.  I learned the long way (not a typo); it is a tool of tremendous benefits.  For this to be true, however, it requires the willingness to “dig deeper.”
    It took me quite a while to accept my Enneagram type.  I prayed and researched books, podcasts, and websites, seeking my ‘true’ Enneagram type. Why?  The truth is, I was not too fond of some of what I discovered.
    Thankfully, the tool holds no power.  All the power resides through Jesus in me (and you). I am grateful that the Holy Spirit uses this tool to bring forth necessary insights for life-changing transformation.  I am thankful to see myself and my sins more clearly, as well as the beautiful woman God created in me!

This, too, I share to encourage you.  Sometimes we try to avoid what we need to see.  Oh, but thankfully, God has bigger plans than we can fathom!

Experiences and Family ~

  • Deb has 20 years of experience in ministry leadership and 30 years in corporate leadership. She has served in multiple officer roles for non-profit state-wide and international boards. She currently serves on the leadership team for her local Celebrate Recovery Ministry.
  • Deb is an avid walker and mountain hiker. She walks 4-6 miles most days and has reached the summit of 2 of Colorado’s 14ers.  She and her husband have five children, 11 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.  She enjoys hiking and snow skiing and spending time with her grandchildren.  She has one very spoiled Lagotto Romagnolo named Summit.

One more personal note:

May I also encourage you that it’s never too late to try?  My husband and I didn’t begin avid hiking and skiing until our 60s.  Yes, really.  Whatever that dream is, bring God your willingness.

Ignite & Thrive!  Fan into flames the spiritual gift God gave you … God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity but of power, love, and self-discipline. ~ 2 Timothy 1:6-7 (NLT)

🔥 Get started TODAY. Take advantage of the FREE, 20-minute no-obligation Enneagram Strategy session. Invest the time in yourself to explore what is possible!

  • Certified Christian Leadership Coach (CCLC) – Coach Approach Ministries
  • Founding Partner & Certified Coach – John Maxwell Team
  • Certified Enneagram Coach – Your Enneagram Coach
  • Certified and Endorsed Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP) Coach
  • Professionally trained life coach – Coach Approach Ministries
  • Lived experience walking the road of recovery.
  • Trained and experienced in starting and leading a Celebrate Recovery ministry.


FREE 20-Minute Enneagram Strategy Discussion (phone or zoom)
I will share the three-step process specific to Enneagram discovery and personal exploration. I will answer your questions, and you will gain insight to help you decide if this process is right for you and if you and I are a good fit to partner together. Granted, 20 minutes is not very long. I will send you brief information and ask 3 questions before our meeting to ensure we use the time wisely.
WOUNDED HEART - Pastors Wives Coaching Consultation (30 minutes via phone or zoom)
I have a heart for you and the unique role God has called you to serve in Kingdom work. Let's meet. I will do my best to help you determine your best path forward. I know it can be scary to reach out for help. "Who will know?" "What would they say?" "I should be able to handle things!" These may be daunting messages you hear. Confidentiality is held to the highest priority in all of my services. The price of this consultation is nominal and simply included to help you take this step. Should you choose to proceed with coaching, the fee will be given back to you as a credit. When you 'Request to Book a Session,' I will send you a link to schedule your consultation. Note: When scheduling your consultation, you will be asked to pay the fee.
DISCOVER - Finding Your Enneagram Type (75 minutes via zoom)
I will help you discover your main Enneagram type in this single extended session. Discovering your type, for some, can be overwhelming. There are reasons for this; you are not alone! Before your session, I will ask you to: 1.) Complete a free assessment and 2.) answer some brief questions.When you 'Request to Book a Session' I will send you a link to schedule your session. Note: When scheduling your session, you will be asked to pay the fee for your DISCOVER typing session.
EXPLORE - Understanding You (50 minute sessions (5) via zoom)
Series of five sessions, taking you further into your type with bite-sized lessons. Leave each session with a new and deeper understanding. Customized Guide Sheets help you retain what you've learned, reflect beyond the session, and immediately put your new awareness into personal growth. ***Please Note: payment options are available—$425.00 (10% package discount).
BECOME Wholly Ignited! - The Woman God Created You to Be (45 minute coaching sessions via phone or zoom)
After completing the EXPLORE sessions, your excitement to apply all you have learned to your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual) will be high! I am here, and it would be my honor to continue partnering with you. ***Please Note: price noted is for a single session. Send me an inquiry about package discounts and my exclusive referral program!
BECOME Wholly Ignited! - The Women God Created You to Be - Group Coaching (50 minute group sessions via zoom)($150.00)
Gather no more than four ladies to meet via zoom (each from their location). Together I will walk the group through applying the Enneagram (no matter each woman's type) to her life and enhancing relationships through a better understanding of others. ***Please Note: each woman must have completed the DISCOVER and EXPLORE Enneagram sessions, and signed coaching agreements are required. ***This offer requires a minimum 3-month commitment (6 sessions). It may be extended at the group's request (based on coach availability) ***Price noted is per individual participant for the 6 initial sessions. Send a message with the name and email address of each member of your group to get things started.
Not Available
Healthy Boundaries Framework Coaching
Framework ~ A structured model that facilitates forward movement, action, and personal growth. -- Goal ~ Establish healthy boundaries and set the foundation to maintain them. -- Logistics ~ 8 bi-weekly 40-minute Zoom sessions. The price listed is the 10% package discount. -- All services include ~ Seamless Information Management - client's personal and private portal includes session appointments, reference cards, journal forms, and more in one location—optional session recordings. Overview: WEEK 1 - Boundaries - why, what, and types of boundaries, WEEK 2 - Establishing boundaries and unhealthy thinking, WEEK 3 - The Healthy Boundaries Worksheet, WEEK 4 - Convictions, guilt, and 100% responsibility, WEEK 5 - Christ in the center, support, and mitigation, WEEK 6 - Assess effectiveness, improvements, and adjustments, WEEK 7 - Emotional assessment and personal values, WEEK 8 - Outstanding actions, concerns, and victories.
IGNITED to THRIVE - Intimate Women's Retreats
I have been hosting retreats since 2010. My location of choice is beautiful Glen Eyrie Castle in Colorado Springs, CO. I can lead your retreat in my standard format (3 nights away) and take care of all the logistics, or a retreat can be customized for you. My retreats are designed to include: *time for you to relax and rest, *connect deeply with God via retreat study material and group sessions, *time for you to hike, walk, or sit in the beauty around you, and my retreats offer a personal 20-minute power coaching session for each participant (totally optional!). ***I have authored 3 retreat studies - *Authentic Influence (Romans 12:9-10), *One Thing Leads to Another (Matthew 6:33), and *Serenity (Galatians 5:22-23). ***Pricing is determined by venue pricing, who is handling the logistics, and any customizations you desire (travel costs are typically not included). In my experience, intimate (6-8) women’s retreats work best to help women connect deeply with God, themselves, and others.
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* Client – Debbie is very gifted as a coach. She has helped me gain clarity and progress to release struggles I’ve carried around for so long.

* Professional Partner – Debbie has this grab your hand, ‘I’ve-been-there’ manner that invites and calms the female independent nature.  Her fervor and love for the woman suffering in this role is genuine and life-changing.

* Retreat Participant – Thank you, Debbie, for the recent ‘One Thing Leads to Another’ retreat! You provided a rare opportunity for me to step off life’s “treadmill” and join other like-minded women on a uniquely nurturing and healing spiritual adventure. I loved it!

* Amazon Reviewer – After reading Choose to Thrive’s introduction I was convinced that this book was not for me. I do not consider myself a high achieving women. However, the trait of finishing what I start propelled me to finish reading the book. I was pleasantly surprised that almost every chapter struck a chord in my heart and had points in which I could identify with personally. Chapters filled with direct, easy to read and to the point communication provided insight that I could relate to; and, the summary points at the end of each chapter were inspirationally challenging.

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