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Deanna Sudom

My heart is to encourage and enlighten others to live in the shameless freedom and forgiveness of Christ through the tools of the Enneagram and Christian Life Coaching as well as marriage tools through S.Y.M.B.I.S. Come, let Him transform you.


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 4

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Hello! I am Deanna, I love Jesus and am thrilled you are here. I am the founder of Capstone Freedom Coaching birthed out of the freedom Jesus has given me with a foundation of faith. He is the real Capstone.

I am married to Wade, my one and only. I am blessed to be known by many names, child of God, Wife, Mama to 3, Grandma to 5 (Favorite season thus far) Mother in law to 1 (so far ;)) , Friend, Sister, Daughter, Auntie and Bonus Mama to many and now Coach!

I have helped many women over the years and I’m excited to be a certified coach even more. I’m passionate about helping my clients live in the love of God and move into their purpose, clearing the way for growth and healing in the process.

I am fascinated by women in their beauty, intricacies, brokenness and resilience. I took advantage of the time afforded me in the pandemic and became certified as an Enneagram coach which is a brilliant tool, led through a gospel lens that identifies your core motivations around thinking, feeling and behaving. Coaching with the Enneagram brings clarity to alignment with Jesus along with self awareness and empathy toward others. During this time I also achieved a Christian Life Coaching Certification to also help clients move from where they are to where God wants them to be. If it is Marriage, or Pre-Marital help you are seeking, my husband and I are Certified Marriage Mentors.

As you can see, my heart is to mentor people to Jesus and His transformation. I look forward to meeting with you. Please click for a free consultation to see if we are a good match for coaching, you are worth it.


BEC – Enneagram Certification, CCC – Christian Life Coaching Certification, Pastoral Care Certificate


30-Minute Consultation
Our endorsed YEC certified coach will inform YEC's three-step coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs.
Discovering You Sessions
Your coach will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type.
Exploring You Sessions
There are five sessions in this series each with a customize Guide Sheet that your coach will guide you through so you can learn and grow without becoming overwhelmed.
Becoming Your Truest Self
After completing the Discovering and Exploring You sessions, your coach will help you apply all you learned into your everyday life (personal, professional, and spiritual).
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Christian Life Coaching
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Saving Your Marriage Before It StartsMarriage Mentoring
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“Deanna has a way of talking about faith that is non-invasive and welcoming. She definitely meets you where you are at and gently guides you down paths that eventually lead to more self awareness and love. She helped me reconnect to Jesus; to hear Him speak to me in my heart. Deanna is gentle, insightful, contemplative and compassionate. I can’t imagine anyone not being a better person after working with her and being in her presence. She is a light that will illuminate your soul.” Michelle – Type 7

“My experience working with Deanna for Enneagram coaching was amazing. It was a totally new subject for me, and Deanna really took the time to explain how the Enneagram works and after receiving my results, how it specifically pertained to me. She has an amazing ability to listen behind what is just being said and is able to uncover the root of many thoughts and feelings. I felt 100% comfortable to be vulnerable and open up and share, a true testament to the safe space Deanna provides. Understanding my Enneagram type has helped me individually to accept myself the way that I am, to understand ways I can grow, and to better understand/appreciate where others are coming from. It has been a truly life-changing experience.” Tara – Type 5

“I started working with Capstone Freedom Coaching a few weeks ago. I have found these sessions to be invaluable in my own personal growth and progression to the next stages of life. They have unlocked parts of me that I have never met before and equally enabled me to close the door on unhealthy cycles and bring understanding and grace to areas of who I’ve been and where I’ve walked. I would highly recommend Deanna Sudom, she is the safest person to redevelop the toughest spaces within yourself. Her wisdom rooted in Jesus, knowledge of the Enneagram and simple love for seeing people overcome is astonishing. I am incredibly thankful.” Han – Type 4

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