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Dana Shane Kennedy

I'm the creator and founder of The Adventuresome Life: Your Essential Guide to Navigating Life. Exactly where you are, is the perfect place to start. Now let's explore!


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Group and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 8

More about Dana Shane Kennedy

A fulfilled life requires the heart, mind and skills of an adventurer. The Adventuresome Life is all about supplying tips, tools and resources for your unique life journey, in order to access your greatest strengths, fulfill your deepest desires and navigate the challenges you’ll inevitably face along the way. I have spent over 25 years studying and/or working in the communications, self-help and coaching fields. My greatest passion is helping people step outside of their comfort zones, push boundaries and understand themselves and others more clearly, in order to experience deep peace, connection, joy and fulfillment.

Enneagram coaching is a valuable tool I offer in order to achieve a profound understanding of your true nature. Exploring your unique enneagram makeup is like being provided a road map for the long and often times, unfamiliar journey ahead. You’ll gain clarity about how you naturally see and approach the world, process information and prefer to communicate, interact and create.

Exploring your true nature allows you to finally realize your indisputable worth; unlocking your ability to not only decide what you want, but why you want it, and how to approach getting it.

There is nothing more fulfilling to me than seeing the light switch go on in people I am supporting. I have deep respect for anyone who is brave enough to take a closer look at themselves and their current circumstances, in order to get from Point A to Point B. My least favorite statement in the english language is, “That’s just the way it is”. Never afraid of asking questions, learning new things or taking on a challenge, my response is “We’ll see about that”!


Certified Enneagram Coach; Founder of The Adventuresome Life; Communications consultant; Meditation, Breathwork and Tapping practitioner and facilitator; Exercise and wellness coach/instructor; Previous endurance athlete; B.A. Communication Studies, University of Iowa


20 -Minute Consultation
This is an opportunity to share what you're hoping to relieve and/or achieve by utilizing coaching services, and to clarify which services offered will make the most sense for you.
60 minute - Individual Discovery Coaching Session
The purpose of a Discovery Coaching Session is to clarify your enneagram test result, learn more and further confirm your type. It will include additional typing clarifiers via email and a 60-minute Zoom Call. Discounts are available for multi-person requests (i.e. family, co-workers, team members)
10 - Week Coaching Exploration Series
This deep-dive coaching series is for people who are good and ready to see more clearly and implement change. It includes 5 - 60 minute Zoom Coaching Calls with Dana (every other week); 5 - customized guide sheets for your type to be presented and explored on each call; 4 - Individual follow-up reports after each zoom call, which will include personalized questions to consider and action items for interim weeks; 1 - final review report of what was covered over the 10 weeks, summary of tips and tools utilized, standout "aha" moments; challenges to continue working on, assessment of where things stand based on goals determined at beginning of session, and next steps. The series is purposely spread out over a 10-week period so you have time to process what you're learning and grow without becoming overwhelmed.
Customized Mapping
This coaching service is available to individuals who have completed the 10 Week Exploration Series. The purpose is to take everything you have learned and apply it to a specific goal you have in everyday life (personal, professional or spiritual). Coaching is focused on "mapping out" a plan or pathway to accomplishing a pre-determined goal. This could include but is not limited to training for a race or improving overall health/wellness; gaining self-acceptance; being able to forgive someone or yourself; improving, ending or opening up to a relationship; changing a career path; overcoming self-inflicted barriers; experiencing more peace. Mapping is also available to groups who have a common goal. All members must have completed the 10 week exploration series as individuals. Mapping timelines and compensation are custom and will be quoted in advance.
Workshops or Seminars
I am available to facilitate half or full day workshops for teams, businesses and organizations of any size, with a minimum of 30 days advance notice. Goals for the workshop/seminar will be pre-determined with the coordinator in advance of the event day, and content will be customized accordingly. The purpose of all my workshops/seminars is for attendees to leave with a deeper understanding of the importance of their contribution, how to communicate effectively with other parties in order to ultimately create more productivity and enrichment for individuals as well as the group. Attendees do not have need to have received previous Discovery or Exploration coaching, but will be asked to take and submit the result of the FREE Enneagram assessment prior to the event. Workshops and Seminars are custom quoted upon inquiry and discussion of specific details.

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I sought out a life coach to assist with pointing me towards my own true self and to find a path that both fulfilled, as well as, inspired me. While working with Dana I discovered that I was doing what I thought life expected of me, but not living authentically. Through numerous thought provoking sessions, Dana not only listened to what I was saying, but explored what I was leaving unsaid. She has an innate ability to focus her listening skills to extract life patterns and develop paths to walk towards your true best self. I will always be grateful for her guidance in setting me on what I know is the right path after many years of stagnation and self doubt. Indeed, Dana freed me to be open to whatever my next right step might be and to be confident in my life choices. – Linda J.

Working with Dana was a journey of enlightenment. She guided me, walked alongside me and sometimes “dragged me” when needed, to a brighter future. I am so grateful. – Jessica T.

Dana helped my team develop a deeper understanding of themselves and therefore one another, improving communication and understanding, which ultimately improved individual morale and team productivity. – Aimee A.

Dana helped me see where I was getting stuck and self-sabotaging. I would say I wanted one thing, and then do something very different, making it impossible for me to get the results I wanted. With a deeper understanding of my enneagram type, along with Dana’s guidance, I more clearly identified what I REALLY wanted, allowing me able to take actionable, consistent steps towards achieving what I truly desired. – Erin B.

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