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Crystal Obey

Empowering Coaches, Entrepreneurs, and Licensed Professionals to optimize their unique Enneagram potential. Plus, launch & grow your business online with what’s-working-now digital marketing systems!


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Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 8

More about Crystal Obey

Finally, go from good to GREAT with our Executive Life & Enneagram Coaching.

As a certified Enneagram Coach, Crystal Obey (E 8) works along with her husband, Anthony Obey (E 1), to help coaches, course creators, entrepreneurs, and professionals unleash their Enneagram super-power to reach their business potential.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Life Coaching (and current Pastoral Care doctoral candidate) Crystal uses her Spirit-filled, E8 super-powers and surefire strategies to identify your peak potential and chart a clearcut path towards your personal and professional best self. 

Married for twenty years, Anthony and Crystal use the Enneagram to enjoy a loving and fun relationship, while still being teammates in business. By personally applying the wisdom from the Enneagram, Anthony’s Inner Critic as a 1 is no longer a threat, and Crystal made a life saving trip to the ER after a specific realization about 8’s.

The Obeys are happily homeschooling their four kids from K through high school. 

Anthony has been a Direct Response Copywriter & Digital Marketing expert for 15+ years. He’s helped 300+ coaches, course creators, entrepreneurs, and independent professionals launch, makeover, and scale up their businesses with proven lead generation and sales funnel systems. Our specialty is helping coaches, course creators, and high-ticket service providers craft their million dollar message and launch winning sales systems online. 

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Digital Marketing, Direct Response Copywriting, Lead Generating, Sales Conversions, Sales Funnels, Information Business Growth, Personal Efficiency, Potential Optimization, Life Coaching, Financial Planning


Certificate in Biblical Counseling, Masters in Life Coaching and Mentoring, Pastoral Care Doctoral Candidate, Financial Mastery and Career Recruiter Certifcation


ENNEAGRAM POTENTIAL MASTERYCrystal helps coaches, professionals, and entrepreneurs cut through the fog and gain ‘crystal’ clarity of your superpower and build a personalized game-plan to effortless goal achievement. Book your FREE 15-Min. Discovery Call today.
Crystal helps entrepreneurs and professionals cut away the waste to reveal your super-power and deepest desires. With this, she helps you build your Best-Life Game-Plan, Automatic Goal Achievement system, Time Management Mastery calendar, and 3-Year Business Scaler Plan. Book your FREE 15-Min. Discovery Call today.
We help you with craft your winning story and branding, high-value presentation, and irresistible sales offer - fused into a powerful lead getting and sales converting system online and offline. Book your FREE 15-Min. Discovery Call today.
Put 15+ yrs & 300+ clients’ worth of copywriting experience to work for your coaching business! Whether just starting, making over, or scaling up, we can build a game-changing messaging campaign that sells your low to high-ticket offers. Book your FREE 15-Min. Discovery Call today.

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