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Christy Mishler

Helping women break old habits, strongholds, and anything that keeps them stuck from living a healthy and whole life.


Free Consultation, Health, Wellness, and Women

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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 1

More about Christy Mishler

Christy lives in Elkhart, IN and often wonders, especially in the winter why she doesn’t live where it’s warm. LOL

She’s been married to her best friend Ty for 34 years and they have a son Scott who lives in Norfolk, VA.

Christy is a certified personal trainer, Enneagram ,health, and life coach and also a Master yoga trainer.

She is the owner of Fitness Training Unlimited, LLC where she takes on personal training and coaching clients, and teaches Faith based gentle/restorative yoga and slow flow. All in person or online.
Christy has been in the fitness arena for over 37 years and has always been passionate about helping others become healthy and stay healthy by making it a lifestyle mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Christy’s mission is to empower women to take charge of their life and get back to God’s original design. She says, “Her mess is her mission”. Her vision is to help women break old habits, strongholds, and anything that keeps them stuck from living a healthy and whole life, and she does that through Enneagram coaching, personal training, and faith based yoga.


Certified Enneagram Coach (Your Enneagram Coach) *Certified Personal Trainer (American Council on Exercise) * Associate Degree in Liberal Studies with concentration in Exercise Science * Certified Christian Life Coach (Christian Coach Institute) * Certified Health Coach (American Council on Exercise) * Registered Yoga Faith Master Trainer


30-Minute Consultation
Our endorsed YEC certified coach will inform YEC's three-step coaching process so you can make the right decision for your needs.
Discovering You Session
This is for women who want to discover what their Enneagram type is.
Discover and Exploring You Sessions
This package is for women who not only want to discover their type, but also want to go into deeper understanding of themselves for personal growth and transformation.
Discover - Explore - Become - Your Truest Self
This package is for women who want to take an extra 6 sessions to continue to practice applying what they’ve learned, grow, stay unstuck, and to implement what they’ve learned in their every day life. (Life Coaching)

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“I was feeling overwhelmed with work that needed to be done. Christy listened to my thoughts, repeated back to me what I said noting points that I may have mentioned several times. That greatly helped me to focus in on the important areas. She asked me what I had done in the past where I had been successful in completing work, which lead me to think of things I could be doing to work more effectively and efficiently. She helped me move from feeling overwhelmed and helpless by my work schedule to feeling in control. It was the most productive part of my day.”
— Dallis Miller

“As someone who has been to many counselors over the years, I really didn’t think this life coaching would be much different. I was wrong! It’s very different in my case it was more effective! Christy has a unique gift of listening with compassion , but challenging you to move forward without giving advice. I would highly recommend Christy to anyone who feels stuck or in a situation that you cannot resolve.
I left my session with Christy with a new confidence and ready to move ahead in a situation I had been anxious over for weeks!
She’s in this to help you be a better version of yourself!”
— Julie

“I have worked with Christy Mishler as a personal trainer for several years. Throughout that time I have benefited from her extensive knowledge of fitness and health. I believe that our partnership has resulted in increased balance and strength that have improved and enhanced my effectiveness in road cycling. I recently met with her in her capacity of a Life coach and found the experience to be very positive.
I had been very stuck in my life and feeling rather depressed because of it. Christy enabled me to #1. clarify the problem; #2. identify the feelings and thoughts behind it; and #3 develop an action plan to effectively make a change. She also followed up with me to make certain that I enacted my plan-which I did.
The process that Christy used was very straightforward and oriented to the present. The process allowed me to crystallize my thinking and feelings to the point that I was able to look at myself/my life objectively. From that position, with her assistance, I developed a plan. I can honestly say that the session helped to lift the “fog” I was in, make decisions and move forward with my life.” Kristen Brandon

“My Coach, Christy Mishler is a great listener and wonderful encourager. My successes since having several coaching sessions with her are: I’ve put a plan in place to begin weekly meal planning and in so doing, have already experienced a weight loss of 3 lbs in my first week. I also implemented 5 workouts per week to aid in weight loss and increase my fitness level. In addition to that, she helped me talk through some goals for my business and gave helpful feedback as to what the actions might be that would lend greatly toward success. She helped me get laser focused in my life. Investing time into the coaching sessions with Christy was a great decision for both my personal and professional life!”
— Laura Yoder

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