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Christine Mousel

“My coaching program offers women desiring to live their best life find hope and develop personal leadership skills while discovering their true identity in Christ”


Endorsed EIP Coach, Free Consultation, Health, Wellness, and Women

Delivery Methods
Group, In-Person, and Virtual Meeting


Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 4

More about Christine Mousel

Recently retired and enjoy spending each day doing what I am most passionate about. Becoming an Enneagram coach fit in perfectly with my retirement plan of having purpose and helping others find ways to live their best life. That of course will look different for everyone to a degree, but I believe we all have a desire for inner peace and healthy relationships.  Sometimes the burdens of life can weight us down and we just say “that’s life” and power on, not living out of our best selves. Relationships get damaged and we don’t know how to repair them. Is it them or us that’s the problem? We are complicated individuals, but thanks to this personality tool we can not only learn to understand ourselves better, but we can gain great insight into others which immensely helps bridge some gaps.  A lot of heartache in the past could have been prevented, had I known the Enneagram. Many years of counseling, seeking healing for past abuse and trauma issues, nothing helped me make sense of my past and the role I played like the Enneagram. I’m just grateful for it now and am so excited to walk a journey of healing, restoring, and blossoming with you.

The beauty of the Enneagram is that I’ve learned so much about the ‘why’ I made the choices I did and gratefully can say now that I’ve been set free from self-condemnation and shame.  One thing I believe my 3 adult children would agree upon is that their mother is resilient! When we can see the difficulties we endured along the way as blessings to be used for good, life takes on a whole new purpose. My story, and yours are what makes us capable of empathy and compassion for other people.

I feel it’s important to share that overcoming is possible, and I hope that my openness demonstrates an ability to relate to the challenges of life that many people face. As a 4 with strong 5 wing, I will go as deep as you’re willing and have the capacity to hold difficult emotions as you process through them. Let’s discover together what lies ahead in your future.

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Certified Enneagram Coach, Community Chaplain (apprentice), Occupational Therapy Assistant, USAF Veteran


30-Minute Consultation
I will share with you the three-step coaching process and we can discuss why you're seeking coaching at this time.
Enneagram Typing Session
In a 90-minute session, I will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type through an on-line Enneagram assessment and in-depth follow-up discussion. A typing assessment alone does not guarantee you've landed on your 'main type'. It is extremely important to have it narrowed with accuracy before moving forward in your coaching series to make the most effective use of our time together.
Uncover Series
If the Enneagram is a newer tool for you I recommend beginning with this series. There are five 90-minute sessions in this lesson, each with a customized Guide Sheet for your type. I will guide you in learning about the dynamic tool of the Enneagram while you also learn and grow in new understanding of what makes you unique, all without becoming overwhelmed.
EIP Series
A new 'ground-breaking' option is to dive deeper into your personality with the EIP (Enneagram Internal Profile) series. This is another five, 90-minute lessons with coordinating Guide sheets. In this series you will gain a greater understanding of the aspects of your personality that get in the way of living the life you want. You will learn a strategy, develop the skills, and practice becoming aware of these unconscious tactics. The results will replace auto-pilot reactivity with healthy personal-leadership in all areas of life, especially during challenging times.
Small Group Series
Prefer to experience growth, awareness, and transformation in an intimate group setting? Perhaps with your church small group, or a home study group of lady friends? We will use a combination of all the above offers to discover your main Type so we can effectively target your strengths, core motivations and life challenges. From there we will work through the Uncover and/or EIP series together, giving each member an opportunity to share as much as they are comfortable. Meanwhile, through completing weekly homework assignments, and contemplating new awareness, personal growth and self-leadership skills will develop as you are exposed to new hidden truths about yourself.
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I sought out coaching because I was feeling alone, lost, and confused. I wanted to learn how to stop condemning myself and practice self love in the way of setting healthy boundaries. Working with Christine and her coaching program gave me hope that this tool of the Enneagram could help bring me into alignment with what God says about me. I gained incredible knowledge about my personality and how my habits caused challenges in my life and in my relationships. Life is much better for me now. I’m more calm and hopeful. Because of my new awareness, I see changes in my decision making. I catch things before they become issues. I feel more empowered and not like a victim. I’m closer to God and can see that He can use my experiences for a greater good. The process hasn’t been easy, but it helps to have an amazing coach to work with. ~ Debi B. ~ Type 2

I have completed my Typing session and Uncover series. This is exactly what I have been looking for! I have done therapy for several years, but I was tired of having t revisit my past trauma. I needed tools and to move forward and this is what the program did for me. I did not know what my core fears were. After finding out I was a Type Six, so much clicked for me. I realized I have been settling in my personal relationships, my ‘inner committee’ has been tormenting me every day causing fear, anxiety and to doubt myself in the decisions I make. This program has been the ‘map’ I’ve been looking for. It lays out all the negative and positives of my personality. I have been able to get closer to God and my faith has grown so much. I have been making life changing decisions and no longer settling in my relationships, career, with myself and I have been trusting God. This program has changed my life already and I am so excited to start the EIP series. Thank you so much Christine. You have changed my life and I HIGHLY recommend this program for everyone. ~ Rue ~ Type 6

Christine has brought the Enneagram alive for me. She has been warm, knowledgeable, insightful, and patient as my FOUR-ness unfurled before me and in me. I knew I was a FOUR before we met but so needed Christine to guide me through the liberating (although at times painful) discoveries of my Wounded Child in the journey to capture the fullness of living out as God’s Beloved Child. Christine has encouraged me in so many ways I celebrate being a FOUR with gratitude and peace as I draw attention to God’s beauty in creation. As a seasoned therapist (almost 80 years young) a fuller understanding of myself is reflecting in greater capacities with clients and associates. The Enneagram is liberating for some clients especially when therapeutic and counseling methods run dry. I delight in their transformations. Thank you Christine!!! ~ Grady ~ Type 4

I just completed a 6 week coaching experience with Christine. Her calm, knowledgeable approach encouraged me to open up and trust her with my life’s motivations. As an 8 I appreciated her gentle guidance allowing me to go through the process at my pace. My journey through the enneagram process has had a dramatic effect on my walk with God and my relationships. Christine was instrumental in making it possible for me to implement what I’ve discovered about myself into my everyday life. Thank you Christine and thank you Lord for this blessed life tool to help me become who you created me to be. ~ Katherine A. ~ Type 8

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