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Christine Mousel

"My coaching program offers woman desiring to live their best life find hope and experience personal growth through their true identity in Christ"


Free Consultation, Health, Ministry, Wellness, and Women

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Certified Enneagram Coach: Type 4

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The professional qualifications I chose to list are the ones that have had the most impact on who I am. I read that ‘the greatest type of creativity that one could have is to be able to reinvent themselves’. This is a profound concept, because I had always considered myself mediocre when it came to creativity. Especially when 4’s are ‘tagged’ with being creative. I could finally resonate with this statement, as I’ve lived a very full and creative life when it comes to occupational experiences, including various business ventures I won’t go into.

When I left my hometown at age 19 for the Air Force and lived overseas for 3 years, my world got bigger real quick. My zest for travel, new cultures and just trying to understand people was ignited and has never stopped. I would say in many respects I have lived life to the fullest, and along the way taken many stumbles. I believe one thing my children would all agree on is that, I am resilient. The path God has allowed me to live and experience wasn’t planned by me. It was very much trial and error.

The beauty of the Enneagram is that I’ve learned much more of the ‘why’ and therefore have been personally set free from self-condemnation and shame.
Now, I can actually say that even the many difficulties I endured along the way have been blessings, because they are a large part of my story and what makes me capable of compassion and empathy for other people.

How difficult it would be to relate to someone else’s story if we haven’t walked some similar paths ourselves. How can we effectively lead someone where we’ve never been?

A huge benefit for my learning style is that in using the Enneagram as a tool, it was visual and dynamic. Verbal processing, and therapy without a map takes a lot of effort. I think and process in pictures. When I can look at the Enneagram symbol, I can literally see and feel my internal self moving dynamically to adjacent types.
Revisiting the past now that I now live in the present is not something I do often, however I feel it’s important to share that overcoming is possible, and I hope that it demonstrates my ability and desire to relate to other peoples life’s challenges.


Certified Enneagram Coach, Occupational Therapy Assistant, USAF Veteran


30-Minute Consultation(Free)
I will share with you the three-step coaching process and we can discuss why you're seeking coaching at this time.
Not Available
Enneagram Typing Session($60.00)
I will help guide you in discovering your main Enneagram type through on-line YEC assessment and specific questions.
Not Available
Uncovering You Sessions($300.00)
There are five sessions in this series, each with a customized Guide Sheet. I will guide you through so you can learn about yourself and grow in new understanding without becoming overwhelmed.
Not Available
Growth - Going Deeper Sessions(Free)
After completing the Typing and Uncovering You series, I will help you apply all you have learned into your everyday life. We will reassess your goals and develop a strategy for moving you forward, scheduling typically in 3-month increments.
Not Available

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I sought out coaching because I was feeling alone, lost, and confused. I wanted to learn how to stop condemning myself and practice self love in the way of setting healthy boundaries. Working with Christine and her coaching program gave me hope that this tool of the Enneagram could help bring me into alignment with what God says about me. I gained incredible knowledge about my personality and how my habits caused challenges in my life and in my relationships. Life is much better for me now. I’m more calm and hopeful. Because of my new awareness, I see changes in my decision making. I catch things before they become issues. I feel more empowered and not like a victim. I’m closer to God and can see that He can use my experiences for a greater good. The process hasn’t been easy, but it helps to have an amazing coach to work with. ~ Debi Bunch, Vancouver, WA

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